Wifi Nokia handsets released in India

    I thought it will take a long while before wifi handsets will make an entry into India but I am glad that these devices have hit the Indian market. (via Mobile Pundit)       The price is range is very high and initial reviews reiterate that these Nokia phones are also as heavy as brick … Continue reading Wifi Nokia handsets released in India

Skype & FON partner together

Nytimes breaks the story of Skype & FON partnering together. (via Martin) Network architecture that have service & connectivity unbundled allows innovation to happen by new ways of rebundling. Of course one cannot ignore that in the process this would disintermediate many players in the old value chain. This piece of news has excited so … Continue reading Skype & FON partner together

Connectivity , Service Unbundling & Mobile 2.0

In barcamp2, farhaan during his talk mentioned how should telco’s should rise out of the slumber that they are in and not waste copious amount of money on buying 3G license & installing 3G networks. How new connectivity technologies like Wifi/Wimax networks would change the rules of the game for telecom players. In between Ramesh … Continue reading Connectivity , Service Unbundling & Mobile 2.0