Talk on “Open standards and open source”

Attended a talk yesterday on open source and open standards by Dr. Bob Sutor who is the VP of standards and open source at IBM. He is evangelizing open source and open standards in a pretty big way. Open source is one of those often discussed and debated topics all the time and hence I … Continue reading Talk on “Open standards and open source”

Replication Wars – Naukri vs Bixee

Sooner or later they had to surface in India and here they are: Naukri vs Bixee (Hat tip:- Amit). Replication wars a big business in itself in the valley arising out of ill defined property rights.  It does not benefit either of the companies except the lawyers involved whose coffers get filled obscenly. Amit points … Continue reading Replication Wars – Naukri vs Bixee

OrangeHues notes on BarcampDelhi

Manu is a Usability expert based out of NCR and he runs an beautifully designed blog called OrangeHues. I thoroughly enjoy his posts, he has that strategic way of analyzing technology which I have never come across any India based technology bloggers in my years of blog reading 🙂 [Ofcourse leave aside Atanu Dey because … Continue reading OrangeHues notes on BarcampDelhi

Invention is a flower, innovation is a weed

John Hagel and Seely Brown have an excellent article in Businessweek on the difference between invention and innovation. The article though written for a general reader is more accessible to people with managerial background. But nonetheless the arguments made in the article are quite excellent.The difference between the two is very favourite subject of mine, … Continue reading Invention is a flower, innovation is a weed

Use value vs Exchange Value

   I was interested in economics but I never gave much attention to it while I was studying. I got interested in exploring it only after college mostly after reading from Rajesh Jain's posts about economics. Infact I even bought a copy of "Developmental economics" by Debraj  that he suggested as a must read. My suggestion … Continue reading Use value vs Exchange Value