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iSing – Online & Mobile Social network for Indian Music

Our latest work that has been keeping me busy for some time now,, a music based social networking platform for Indian audience available both online & mobile. Request a help from readers, please go through the site and help me improve it.  It is in early stage alpha , so expect many kinks but do send in your candid feedback/sugestions to me. ( rajan_AT_motvik _DOT_com)

Link Love to InfinityRadio

    If I had not been to  barcamp I guess I would have never known about InfinityRadio at all. I am a big rock music fan and this is really cool stuff for rock music lovers.  Infinitymag and InfinityRadio are forum/radio run by two duo(Shreyas/Kaustabh) who have been working/struggling hard to keep local music of Indian Bands alive. It is a very saddening to see that so many good bands that come out of many college and start withering into nothingness once the folks from the band move out of college. InfinityRadio is an attempt to help change that situation and encourage independent rock musician to create their own albums and make enough money to recover their costs. 

    I had been dying to find to tune into such local indian based bands and I am really glad that I could find it now.

    Shreyas did couple of antics like this one here but then that's ok as use he was working for a bigger cause :D.   And if you like rock ( especially the original Indian bands) then go hang out at InfinityRadio and also help these two folks.

Mobile music growth

I had penned a few thoughts( pretty basic & rough) quite some time ago on how to align incentives in music downloading and got reminded of that when I saw this piece about the growth of mobile music in contentsutra. I am pretty sure that the big telcos would instead waste huge sums of money on DRM & other such tactics that users will come to hate.

Banning of Rock shows in plain stupidity

This post from the blog of Amit varma (a popular blog in the Indian blogosphere) is quoted by Times Of India bangalore printed edition on the issue banning of rock music by authorities.Few days ago Independence rock in mumbai was stopped & Freedam Jam in bangalore was shutdown !! I think it is high handedness of the authorities to take such measure, it is totally a ridiculous thing to equate dance bars & rock shows. Rock music is a part of the culture of city of mumbai & bangalore, banning them is utterly ridiculous.

I am planning on attending these two upcoming rock shows, let’s see if the authorities are going to police these ones which are going to be conducted at reputed colleges of the city.

Vibration 2005 (IISc)
Strawberry Fields 2005 (NLS)

Note to folks at Freedam Jam, I have a plain thought to getting the reedeom rocking. What If they won’t allow us to have a rock concert in the city , let us rock in the virtual space of internet. Why don’t we create something like MyVirtualBand for bangalore, an area where rock enthusiasts in bangalore can colloborate.

An Amazing Indian Rock Band

A few days ago I was searching for something on technorati and I stumbled upon this really cool Indian Rock band called Thermal And A Quarter . And yes it is based out of Bangalore. I have vaguely heard about them and also seen the photos of these fella’s before but never checked out their music. After having listened to their music now I am liking them very much.
They have an album called Plan B on their site which is free for download & sharing( yeppiiee !!!! ) under a license called Thermal And A Quarter music license. I downloaded it all and is currently on my playlist. If you like rock then you must check this out.

I would urge to check out their complete site, they have lyrics and some nice quotes as well.
Two of my favourite of them.

– “Frank Zappa once said that rock journalism is about people who can’t write interviewing people
who can’t talk for people who can’t read” { Along with the song ‘Paper Puli’)

– “Love is not love anymore. Its an ideology. Love is an excuse for sex; too bad if you don’t know the move. Love is an art form; too bad if you are not arty enough. Love is a TV commercial; too bad if you are not glam enough. Love is a game of genetics; too bad if you are genes are low cut. Love is about was; too bad if you are not armed to tits. Love lives in the gutter; in the borderlines between man and woman. If you are not subscribed in the Big Plan, then you are out. Where do you start to make sense of this world? Cynical you bet.” ( Along with the song ‘Cynical World’

Bruce Lee Mani the lead singer of the band has a blog and so does the band itself.

Wonder when Nitin ( I call him the Indian Axl Rose) of Parikrama is going to start a blog. I know they have very busy schedules for writing blogs but still would love to see a blog from their band.

Mark Knopfler concert

Yesterday I attended mark knopfler’s concert, it was an exhilarating experience. His unique voice and way of playing guitar can’t be imitated by anyone which is what makes him such a great legend. The concert started with the ‘Why Aye man’ song at abou 7.45 pm and then he went to play these songs without taking a break.( Just amazing !!) – Walk of Life – Sailing to Philadelphia – Romeo and Juliet ( The live performance was a lot slower than the Cd version) – Sultans of Swing – A song which I have’nt before – Donegan’s Gone – Boom Like that – Telegraph Road – Brother in Arms – Money for nothing ( Brilliant guitar) – Another song not that I have not heard before – So far away from me – Speedway at Nazareth
In the list above I might have missed out some songs that he played.

Many in the crowd tried to record( video & audio) the performance using their cellphones. I felt that was quite dumb because one the purpose of a live performance is to be heard live. Second using rudimentary cameras ( not even 1 mp in the phones yet) and voice recorders ( which encode using AMR or at the most AMR-Wb ) how can you expect to capture those wonderful delicate guitar renditions. They would have all got only dismal quality video and audio files.

cobain fan

Looks like a fellow cobain fan, also his parent company is now my parent company as well. Has a post on Lithium my most favourite Nirvana song. His new blog

Rock Music !!

More rock bands are going to come to India. Mark Knopfler in March (Delhi & Mumbai). Eagles are going to be in bangalore in July/JUne. Also talks with Norah Jones is going on.

This news item about my college rock band Insomnia made my day today.

On sting’s concert

I could not get to blog abt the sting’s concert in the weekend as I was busy. It was really great only that it ended so soon. Here are are some posts on it.

Sting rocks bangalore.
Rocking with Sting’s Every Breath
Englishman in Bangalore!

Indian Ocean and Strings Concert at IIM-B

I was under the impression that this is going to start at 8.00 but it started well before that so I almost entirely missed Indian Ocean ( this sufi rock band is what I actually wanted to check out ) playing. Then there was a break during which a guy from the college (who should have never be let into any stage of any kind ) was screeching throwing out stuff at the crowd and also endorsing the sponsors. Then it was Strings turn to play. They played last year in my college fest and heard good reviews about these folks I could not last 2 songs of this badnd, I don’t know what is it that people find in this band that they call rock. All in all it was wastage of my money ( 5o bucks ticket + travel 150) . One good thing though that happened was I got to meet with 2 of my classmates from college here in the concert 🙂

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