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Wifi & Demos in MoMo

  This months MoMo scheduled on coming Monday (26th Feb)  is going to be very exciting.  First of all there is going to be an interesting talk on state/market of Wifi in India which I had been following very closely in the last few months plus we will be demoing WWIGO which is currently in alpha. Hoping to get a lot of feedback on the product from the community.

More details about MoMo here.

Whoa ! Camera Phones will be larger than internet in few months

Was groing through post from forumoxford in my mailbox and a post by Tomi Ahonen caught my eye as it was about camera phones :). Following that I checked up his blog and the title of his latest post really shook me and I am sure it would have shook many others as well.

Near future headline: More cameraphones than internet users in the world

My personal obsession & fascination with camera phones has been since many years now and I have had gushed a healthy dose about the potential of camera phone both offline and online. Many who hear my rant have been impressed, inspired and also given it a serious look and some of my friends got troubled so much by it that they have banned me talking about camera phones in their presence 🙂 Given that this post from Tomi made me literally jump up & down essentially because Tomi pinned numbers supporting the general consensus that camera phones will become huge. He also has made made some very interesting comparsions.

  • There are already 1.02 billion camera phones in the world today.
  • Given last year growth rate of camera phone & internet there will be more camera phone users than the number of internet users by late Spring 2007.
  • Nokia alone sold more than 140 million were camera phones last year (not referred in this post but in one of his previous writings here)
  • Camera phones are not toys anymore but rather devices of serious use.

I really am spinning now ! Got to go have a lot of work to do and a lot more things to think about the camera phone.

Mobile 2.0 ? Peripheral Vision

      A few days ago I came across this presentation from Jyri Zengstorm who is an entrepreneur from Finland. Here is a presentation that he made at Aula and the title of which is peripheral vision. I found it to be quite very interesting. What fascinating about this presentation is that Jyri uses a brilliant metaphor called peripheral vision to talk a lot about what could be described as Mobile 2.0.

       Explaining a concept through a story or a metaphor is very powerful when compared to use or illustration of graphs and models. Graphs & models can be digested by geeks and techies but normal personal understand it best through a story. The mobile 2.0 presentation that I used in MoMo Delhi used more of the former (models & graphs) and this presentation acts as a very nice complementary aid & much much more to that but all easily accessible for a layman to understand. Also interesting to look at is his favourite picks of application and services. A must read if you are interested in anything to do with 2.0

Why 2.0 is romanticized ?

Why is that many (including me) drum up about 2.0 a lot. Why is that we leave what we have in the so called 1.0 and move onto the next version. After all if you look at it isn’t that all the existing businesses will close down tomorrow. Infact there is so much 1.0 business that exists to be done out there that many a times there is no real reason required to move to the next version. For instance in the mobile world there are only 2.5 billion cell phone users in the world of a population of 6.5+ billion. Thus there is market gap of 4 billion (it is 2 billion if we discard 50% assuming that they are economically so challenged that they will not be able to afford a phone even if handed out free ) to address for the mobile 1.0 players, then why bother a mobile 2.0. If you agree with me that a change from 1.0 to 2.0 is huge shift and not just an incremental one then the reason is very easy to see. During any huge change there is turbulence and thus a huge shakeout, those who had huge advantage due to status quo no more have that advantage. Think of it this way when there is big calamity (earthquake, war, flood) the rich and the poor are all affected the same. What else is the literal meaning of disruptive. In the rebuilding phase is all are alike and have similar chance to build up new things. And for smaller guys there is relatively higher chance of succeeding in the new turbulent conditions as he is not relatively disadvantaged.

An interesting read in the related context would be Rajiv’s account of the discussion at Mobile Monday on how difficult it is for a small developer to get his content/application hosted in a telecom network which is a mobile 1.0 play.

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