Bluetooth & Security

Activemedia is gearing to rollout its mobile marketing product based on bluetooth, they recently did a pilot at a café shop in New Delhi (via exchange4media)   As happens with many technologies Bluetooth has went through the same phases of being overestimated in the short term but underestimated over the long run. Though much of … Continue reading Bluetooth & Security

Great Marketing

In his latest post marketing ace Godin says      “Great marketing pleases everyone on the team, sooner or later. But at the beginning, great marketing pleases almost no one. At the beginning, great marketing is counter-intuitive, non-obvious, challenging and apparently risky. Of course your friends, shareholders, stakeholders and bosses won't like it. But they're not … Continue reading Great Marketing

Barcamp Bangalore – Tara on Pinko

Below is my notes taken during barcamp, posting it right now as I could not live blog I am here in barcamp bangalore and the first talk I am attending is that of Tara and she is talking about companies making money by being ethical. Previously companies used to make money by screwing consumers but … Continue reading Barcamp Bangalore – Tara on Pinko