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Bluetooth & Security

Activemedia is gearing to rollout its mobile marketing product based on bluetooth, they recently did a pilot at a café shop in New Delhi (via exchange4media)


As happens with many technologies Bluetooth has went through the same phases of being overestimated in the short term but underestimated over the long run. Though much of Bluetooth hype did not live up in early 2000 but today one finds a multitude of devices (most of them phones) having Bluetooth enabled in them. So with the penetration of the device it is definitely worthwhile now to carry out some of the earlier envisioned products and concepts.  But there are huge security problem with bluetooth devices and these are problem associated with the design of the bluetooth specifications themselves that some applications are just not viable. As martin once very eloquently described that bluetooth networks are not designed to socially scale due to lack of identity collateral incorporated in them.

 Security issues in bluetooth are so sever that majority of people keep their bluetooth in their mobile phones switched off. Now Activemedia would argue based on their pilot results that benefits of redeeming a coupon is greater than the costs of losing all your contacts plus SMS while your bluetooth is open. Well I think not!! Oh and if you think that it is just not possible to retrieve somebody ’s contacts, SMS or do any remote installation without the user’s permission through Bluetooth then think again. Bluesnarfing via Bloover might not work for all the bluetooth phones and also it might not be easy to read the obfuscated code java code to recompile for other platforms, but it is not impossible to read deobfuscated code. It is only slightly more difficult.  That reminds me to point out that information security is as much of an economic problem as much it is a technical one and it is unfortunate that many security experts just don’t realize it. Only a selected few have realize this well, check out this article from Ross Anderson and also other essays and presentation from Schneier for more on this.

Great Marketing

In his latest post marketing ace Godin says

     “Great marketing pleases everyone on the team, sooner or later. But at the beginning, great marketing pleases almost no one. At the beginning, great marketing is counter-intuitive, non-obvious, challenging and apparently risky. Of course your friends, shareholders, stakeholders and bosses won't like it. But they're not doing the marketing, you are.”

and that is exactly what Tara has done with her pinko marketing for Riya.

Barcamp Bangalore – Tara on Pinko

Below is my notes taken during barcamp, posting it right now as I could not live blog
I am here in barcamp bangalore and the first talk I am attending is that of Tara and she is talking about companies making money by being ethical. Previously companies used to make money by screwing consumers but that no longer is the case. Consumers have got sick of it now . (Change in consumer preferences)

Example like that of Teenager @ YouTube creating a big spike in downloads for logitech camera software.

Answer to such changes in consumer preference is a shift in marketing and go pinko marketing.

– The new order is influence is from amateurs rather than elite.

– The funnel is going downwards.

– Long tail is getting chunky.

We have a new marketing map. In old day you try to control the message. In the new world it is cluetrain and make it open source and let it go itn its own way. Examples is Alex's T Shirt – Barcamp Logo. Spread Firefox is another good example.

How to do pinko marketing ?

– Be a community advocate. Talk to community and get it back to the company.

– Go with the flow.Don't plan do it if you want to appease your CEO.
( Ah man ! Is'nt that fantastic )
– Predict the future.

– Reward your community. Give them incentives

– Stockholm Syndrome. Tick of all the engineers by brining the feedback from

– Be your own client. Meaning eat your own dog food. If you can't fall into
love with your own product how can you expect others to fall in love
Q by Prashanth – How does this go with Malcolm Gladwell's book where he says that initial user review gave feedback for a chair which was bad then it worked very well in the market.For Ex Can users say what they want in a flying car.

A 2323: Important to find people who are passionate about the products.

Pinko is a lot to do with small companies. Pinko is the word used to call communist sympathesizers. Marketing I am here talking about is not thinking about money.

Money is the answer of "because of" and is something that is not to be talked about when you are talking community.

Most Importantly if people are'nt in love . YOu can't go pinko.

Oh yeah !! Tara  does not express in person her views as intense, extreme and crazy way as he does in her blog.:D 😀 She is very mellow when spoken to in person. 

Brilliant Tara and Pinko Marketing

   I have always been a big fan of Tara's blog but her posts over the past few days have been just incredible. As many in the blogosphere are saying that if you do anything related to marketing (on the web especially) then drop everything and read what Tara has to say.    Her thoughts starts with cluetrain which was also one of my aha moments when I read it but I read it very late because when it was released I was still learning how to add 1+1=10.

  She understands the inflections that is happening in marketing and has been doing an incredible job articulating it. Actually there are some 2.0 inflections happening in many spaces these days and it happens only at few point of time in years & decades. Marketing 2.0 is one of those. To me Marketing 2.0 is basically a corollary of Production 2.0. Read Benkler and Umair to know further what I mean by Production 2.0.  What I love about Tara's work is that she comes from a very practical approach. Umair talks about Production 2.0 and its related changes of Corporation 2.0 & Marketing 2.0 etc through intuitive models and economics concepts but Tara has sort of understood these changes intuitively, field tested some of these new ideas and is trying to articulate them now. Since I have'nt been a marketer (no practical experience) so I can't express it the way Tara does but here is how I get it. "Peer production is new form of production other than market & firms." Internet has fundamentally altered the economics of many things and blown some assumptions that we have used in building  theories/models of things around us. In simple words markets are not the only form of value creation, networks and community as well are.

     Now what costitutes marketing. Loosely Marketing consists of activities in furthering the function of a market. A market is an abstraction and it generally represents the construct of an environment which enables an exchange (transaction). Most of all the marketing theory or ideas that have been built starting from 4P's to all the crap that has been doled out so far is based on fundamental assumption of a dichotomy i.e buyer/seller.  Peer production hits hards on this assumption and renders it a useless dichotomy. Thus we are left with old notions,ideas and practices whose assumption are fundamentally wrong. In other words current theories are true through Logic determination but are wrong through Factual determintation. Thus Marketing 2.0 is nothing short of a episetomological question now and tara is trying to find an answer through a true 2.0 style (Wiki).

Btw those who are trying to take her to task for her post on marx take it easy all she was saying that in some spheres (which has been seen in Open Source) use value is discounted at exchange value. It is not evil aspects of Marxism. (Again Umair has fantastic explanation on this one).

   I am not well equipped to do an analysis but I would love to read someone who does this and finds out what is going to be key competence in production 2.0. Marketing was the key competence in production 1.0 but I have a strong feeling that it might not be the case in the case in 2.0 and thus over a long period of time marketing as a profession might not be as lucrative as it is in today's world.

      I am looking foward to Barcamp Bangalore where Tara (why not hang out in Barcamp Hyderabad as well :)) is going to be talking on Pinko Marketing.

Tara : Sorry I have not been able to write the post that I promised you a few months ago on Riya(due to time constraint and it was a blink decision :)) but with your pinko marketing maybe I will write one 🙂

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