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Calling All Innovator |Forum Nokia

Forum Nokia has a launched an enticing program called “Calling All Innovator” and I am planning on giving a serious look  to it this time. Thought I will share this with all as I  mobile enthusiasts might find it very interesting. Here is about the event from the website.

“Forum Nokia, Nokia’s global developer programme challenges mobile and web application developers worldwide to submit best-in-class applications for use on Nokia devices – with a total prize pool of more than $250,000 USD.

Register here

What and where is innovation in India?

Contrary to most popular belief startups may not neccessarily mean innovation , it certainly could be a business( a good one maybe). Simillarly a product may not be equal to innovation and some cases it could be a good business too.

Of late I have seen more noise than substance about innovation in the Indian context and this thought has been nagging for quite some time and recent attendance to proto just confirmed that. While on the one hand it is true venture capital supply demand is skewed but to my mind there are not enough innovative technology startups so to speak of.

As usual my yardstick is an economic one and not one based on financial ( read balance sheet) metrics or either coolaid factor in a new technology. I think we should really tune down the volume of noise about innovation in technology space.

While till few months ago we had an acute problem of not having enough avenues to bring forth innovation to the forefront but now with many events, mainstream media and blogs bridging that shortage and providing a showcase platform  the problem has really shifted to the other end with no real innovation existing out there to showcase. I think the part of the problem is that maybe entreprenuers are not thinking big. I am willing to extend this notion a bit further and say that there is no incentive to innovate on technology front as the market may not be yet rewarding them.

To speak of innovation in India, I think it is coming from different sectors , as usual in the services( including  IT/KPO services)  industry maybe , financial industry, infrastructure space but not from the technology space as one would expect.

I did not make many resolutions for the year 2008 and already have broken the few that I made but I am going to pledge that I am going to walk out of any discussion/meet where the words ‘Innovation’, ‘Community’ , ‘Value creation’ & Mobility is going to be used where the group discussing this has no idea of what these words are.

Indian Startup/Products events

2008 promises to be a very good start for Indian technology startups and products. Two great events are lined up in January for startups and other companies to show case their products. – An event with a mandate to highlight product innovation in the technology space. Of course the sweet corner for this event is startups with products but then later stage/large companies that produce good products too are included. Folks (puneeth, aditya, keshav and others) behind this event are by now are veterans in organizing events that benefit the entire community and I am sure that this going to be a kick ass event. – Proto is the first event in India to provide a platform for startups to show case their products. Modelled after Demo in US it hopes to be a larger platform to encompass and show case product companies across Asia. Though I was initially involved and contributed in my capacity to the event but I could not attend the event in the past, the first one due to injury/sickness and second due to a project delivery/release. This time around I have made my plans in advance to be there.

As an entreprenuer I would love to make the most use of the both the events but alas they are both on same day , I am planning to attend both the events on different days.

Wish you all great year 2008

Wow factor , where is it ?

The other day Rajiv, Raja and myself were heading to do some conspiration for MoMo (psst can’t let that out 🙂 ) and had pretty interesting conversation about valuation/innovation in the Indian context. The initial topic of discussion was the difference between percept value & real value, applications and R&D came up and were comparing and contrasting the facebook valuation with Navini networks buy out by cisco in the same week. Rajiv details this topic in his blog while Navini is a pioneer in beam forming antennas and WiMax and it involves very deep technology R&D and IP but facebook has 40-50 times of the valution of Navini.

Rajiv asked this question whether there is an Indian company that will see such kind of valuation , the answer we all agreed is no but the following question is what is more interesting. Can we name atleast one company from India that can be called us cool or innovative before even thinking of higher valuations ? Not surpisingly there was not a single company ( from India) that we could come to think of which has a wow factor in it or something that can be called as a game changer.

Tata’s 1 lakh car project was one contendor as it can be potentially a game changer but we could not identify many companies and say hey these are cool !.

What is your Wow Company in India ?

BCB3 Notes

BCB 3 had a great start yesterday, the mobile section seemed to be the most popular and was extremely crowded almost all through the day.  My favourite discussion of the day was not in the mobile room but rather it was the one led by Savita. It was heated debate on why/what India needs to take a leap from products to services. Passionate plea and arguments from the participants made the room extremely charged up.


did great job of leading the discussion. Other participants in the discussion

The thoughts and conclusion from the discussion captured below.

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