Ashish Gupta Kamla Bhatt Podcast

Though I am regular listener of Kamla's podcast show and I have been interviewed by her a few times, it was Rajiv who hat tiped me this podcast interview of Kamla with Ashish Gupta of Helion Ventures and it was an absolute delight to listen to it.    I strongly recommend this to any entreprenuer, … Continue reading Ashish Gupta Kamla Bhatt Podcast

Open Coffee Club India

            Open Coffee Club  starts in Chennai and in Bangalore. This should result in a regular meetups and creation of informal network/community of entreprenuers and would benefit entreprenuers interacting with each other. But I think the unique thing about Open Coffee Clubthat differentiates  from other meetups & camps  is that … Continue reading Open Coffee Club India

Is Web 2.0 bubble being burst elsewhere and what can India learn.

First there was kiko which was bought by Tucows a few days ago for 250,000$ and now another a so called web 2.0 company (HuckABuck) is listed on eBay with its current highest bid is about 9300$. Now Is this a burst of a bubble or the end of the web 2.0 era. Moreover Is … Continue reading Is Web 2.0 bubble being burst elsewhere and what can India learn.

Thinking about Business Models

In most simplistic terms a business is about value creation and a business model refers to value capture function of the person/organization coordinating the value creation. Peter Rip (who writes interesting posts about entrepreneurship and I always find good takeaways from him) has a very detailed diagram which captures his thought process when he thinks … Continue reading Thinking about Business Models

It is just a journey not a destination

There are some things in life that we learn by listening to others who tell you and some other we learn by finding it out by yourself. Even though it is easier to learn from what others tell there is joy in learning it by actually doing/experiencing it. Building a technology product startup in India … Continue reading It is just a journey not a destination