Is India ready for Media 2.0 ?

          I had been chewing this thought for a few weeks now in my head, there is so much discussion about the rise of the new media all over the developed parts of the world but is this new baby been given birth to in India.           A question that is been nagging me … Continue reading Is India ready for Media 2.0 ?

Openness and Attention Economy

Goldhaber’s article on “attention economy” when I read a few years ago was an absolute aha moment for me. It was a seminal article which attempted to articulate in a nice manner the nature governing our lives after the advent of the net. The keypoint put forward was that with the net becoming an important … Continue reading Openness and Attention Economy

Invention is a flower, innovation is a weed

John Hagel and Seely Brown have an excellent article in Businessweek on the difference between invention and innovation. The article though written for a general reader is more accessible to people with managerial background. But nonetheless the arguments made in the article are quite excellent.The difference between the two is very favourite subject of mine, … Continue reading Invention is a flower, innovation is a weed

How not to analyze ?

Mobile pundit critiques an article on Number Portability, the article suggests that number portability implementation in India should be delayed as it is not the right time now. While it is true that number portability is not the holy grail solution to competition problems in the telecom industry but nonetheless the arguments in the article … Continue reading How not to analyze ?

Use value vs Exchange Value

   I was interested in economics but I never gave much attention to it while I was studying. I got interested in exploring it only after college mostly after reading from Rajesh Jain's posts about economics. Infact I even bought a copy of "Developmental economics" by Debraj  that he suggested as a must read. My suggestion … Continue reading Use value vs Exchange Value