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New blogs

New blogs with intersection between economics & technology from martin. It is so cool martin has linked back to me in this post.

Bubblegeneration & Telepocalypse are two of my favourite blogs.

Updated Blogroll

Updated my blogroll which was due for so many months now, ( bloglines neatly lines up here , it’s cool, don’t know when they added that feature). Due to this had to change my template to fit in the blogroll properly in the page.

Blogs have gone mainstream

When people like Pamella Anderson starts blogging, it is no a longer a techie thing. Blogging have become mainstream

Blogger Sucks big time !!

I have been try to blog since the last two days and I have not been able to create any post. I use a linux box, thought it could be some issue in mozilla in opening the blogger site, but simillar problem occurs from Windoz as well. A friend recently asked why I use blogger instead of livejournal, well it is because I created account in blogger first and then my switching cost for blogger raised. But of late blogger is been causing me so much trouble that I am getting inclined to incur the switching cost and move to some other better solution.

hyderabad and bangalore blogs

Couple of days ago I posted that there are no Hyderabad & Bangalore based bloggers. Ok !! I was wrong, here is a list containing a whole bunch of blogs.

Integration of blogs and IM

A pretty cool feature , integration of IM and blogs.

Vasant’s Blog

Added Vasant’s blog to my blogroll. He was my classmate at College, now he is XLRI. He was the most hardworking guy that I have ever known, used to work almost like a robot with utmost precision. He was nicknamed Vasantics for that. It would be quite interesting to check out his posts.


Check out this blog called Indiblog and give your nominations. Description as given in the blog about itself “Welcome to 2003 IndiBlog Awards, our own desi version of the Bloggies. The IndiBlog Awards would be publicly-chosen awards conferred upon bloggers from India or of Indian origin settled elsewhere.”

3rd Delhi Ryze Mixer

I have’nt been blogging regularly recently , both timewise and contentwise. For instance did not post about being a member on ryze. Just like this blog, being on ryze has enabled me to meet a very diverse set of people.
See my ryze profile at

Today the 3rd Ryze Delhi mixer was held. I had gone there and met some new people.

We started discussion with whether we should have a discussion in a ryze mixer at all. Though the theme of the meet as ‘Entreprenuership’ we hadvery little time to discuss it. I would have like it more if more time was spent on discussing the theme.

In the overall it was a nice experience

Hits to blog

I am getting a lot of hits to my blog. I saw today that I was referenced by Sayan’s Blog

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