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Blogging Junk food for the mind

Reading blogs is like having junk food (Burger/Pizza/Coke) in  many ways.

  • Only few among the many who have the purchasing power have access to it (just like  junk food)
  • The more you have it the more dumb you become (information obesity or physcial obesity)
  • Its absence for makes you crave for it

But then you love to have junk food and seriously miss it if you do not have it for long 🙂


I will be camping at Blogcamp in Chennai and listen to tales of  the very early stage of media 2.0 in India. Hope to learn a lot and also have fun. blogcamp

Posts with new categories

I will be posting more regularly with more focussed categories starting after a few weeks from now, some of these new categories would be

Economics – never took a course in it but since I took it up to learn it on my own two years ago I have been fascinated by it. Infact when I have time to kill I read up nobel economics lectures
Network Economics – those who come from technology of networks would love this branch of economics very much.
Technology Strategy – I have picked up a lot of stuff and I am learning more of it pretty fast. I will be writing about some of my learning and their applications.  Infact Umair Haque an extremely sharp strategy consultant (esp tech strategy) he notes my fast learning of the subject 🙂 [read the comments too]
Entreprenuership -now that I am walking down this road I will be post musings about entreprenuership in general and my personal experiences & learning of being an entreprenuer in the technology space in India.
Wireless, Mobile Economies & Technolgies – These are topics which I was/am working on since long.
Camera Phones – One of those next big things in coming five years according to me
Web 2.0, Media 2.0 – Some of the wonderful inflection points happening in the tech industry right now.
Computer Vision, Signal Processing(multi Dimensional) & Multimedia – These are my technical interest topics.

Migration to complete

I have migrated to successfully from, I had posted earlier that there were some hiccups but once the bugs got fixed at , things were very easy. I am not sure if this importing to is documented but just in case if someone finds this useful here are the simple steps.

1. Take a back up of your blogger template.

2. Go to the url

3. Select the type of hosting of your previous blog – for me blogger.

4. Log into your blogger account in this page .

5. Select your blog

Now sit back and relax ( it would take couple of minutes )

Comparsion of blogger and WordPress

Here is a nice comparsion of blogger and wordpress. One thing that I would like to add to that is has trackbacks blogger does not.

Update: In response to a comment I tried create this spreadsheet at numsum, could not capture all the differences because numsum did not allow me to add more than twelve rows 😦


I am figuring out a way to migrate all my posts from blogspot account to here.

Update: I came across this post & link after quite some searching on the net as well as the blogosphere and as of sep 15 there has been ‘import from blogger’ feature that has been added on the site but has not probably gone through a round of testing.

I tried to check it out by going to , I chose the blogger option and gave my blogger user id & password but got the following error message. 😦

libcurl was built with SSL disabled, https: not supported!

Log in to Blogger

Login failed. Please re-enter your username and password.

which means that either cUrl is built without the SSL support or it is not able to find all the lib and include files for SSL to function.

I have logged a bug with them & hope that they fix it soon

Golden Ticket from WordPress

I woke up to the following message in my mail box.
“A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away you entered your email address on to get a blog.We’re now inviting small groups to use and your email address was selected today!
While you’re on a string of good luck it might be a good day to buy a lottery ticket.Cheers,The Team”
Now is’nt that a wonderful way for a day to begin. No blogger hassles anymore ! I will be soon migrating to my new wordpress blog :- ) and post there (as long as there is not hefty charge on that one, Matt has previously promised that is going to be free) .
I got the user id that I wanted ‘rajan’ 🙂
Hope I got a golden ticket from flock tommorow instead of long wait till october 😉

First post

This is my first post on wp & I am already loving it.

Addition to blogroll

Here is another blog from that gets added to my blog roll bandwagon. Nishkala was my classmate at college & is a colleague now.An avid follower of the Indian stock market, expect to see tips & reviews on the Indian stock market here. I just hope that feeds from this one keep gets updated regularlly so that after few days I don’t have to remove this from my blog roll 🙂 [ Blogroll is sticky no doubt but I remove mine periodically and remove those which are’nt active for long time]


Of late my blogging has been quite erratic , I am planning on blogging more regularly. The topics that I would try to cover are related technology ofcourse :), economics & strategy ( whatever meagre stuff that I know & learn) , startups, entreprenuership, innovation in general and Indian Technology market in particular and these would be interspersed with very few random thoughts that would include my musing about Ads.