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Favourite presentation at Barcamp

        In both the Barcamps at Hyderabad I found that there is one talk that clearly stands out clearly as my most favourite presentation in that barcamp. In Barcamp Hyderabad1 it was the talk by Jay Pullur, CEO of Pramati on what he thinks is the best opportunities in the web 2.0 space. In this Barcamp it was the talk by Farhaan, CTO Spokn where he spoke about a VoIP client that his company is developing specially for the mobile phone. The reason for my liking of these two  is due to the fact that these guys  understand the changes that are going in their respective space in an intuitive way. Also in their talk they explain these changes in plain & simplistic way for which I use a little bit of abstraction and models to explain.


      Farhaan last when I knew was heading a company called Phonestack but  looks like very recently he has started another company called Spokn which as Farhan describes is a company sitting out there so that it can eat telco’s for lunch. In his wonderfully articulate talk he explained about a new protocol that he designed called the Lightweight Telephone Protocol to make VoIP calls through a mobile phone. LTP is open source and is also going to be a part of Asterix in its next release. LTP is really light weight and the stack is written totally in about 2000 lines of C code and interestingly it does not have any dynamic memory allocation & thus no dangling pointer problems.

     Apart from the size of the stack another thing that he mentioned was that LTP has presence designed inbuilt into it when compared to SIP stacks(it does not have inbuilt presence in it) which I think is really  fantastic.

      After the talk he showed me a nifty demo of the Spokn client running on a windows mobile OS phone.  I have not been really able to toy around with the either the application or the stack but so don’t how well all of it works but from what he is described it is really poised great to take on the standards battle.

     In a world of closed everything & low trust, openness is a strategic edge which is the card Spokn is seem to be playing.

    If you are interested in tracking what is exciting that is going on in the web 2.0 & mobile 2.0 space in Hyderabad then I suggest you keep an eye on what Jay & Farhaan are doing  😀

Reflection from Barcamp Hyderabad 2

       We had a little silent but a very interesting Barcamp on Saturday. I call it silent because there wasn’t any live blogging :). Despite our best efforts to get the wifi up & running we could not manage to do it due to networking/proxy issues :(. If you are infuriated with that then you could direct the brickbats here!

      Some felt that the attendance looked very sparse but when counted on the registration desk there were about 150+ registrations. It looked sparse because we were housed in a very large room (actually two rooms merged into one room).

          We had various talks which ranged from overview of the mobile space, the promise of mobile, how changes in this space are creating opportunities to uproot dinosaurs (called telco’s) of our age, on how the understanding the dynamics of a mobile can help us come up with innovative application for day to day life, how mobile technology & applications has the potent to really bridge the rural urban divide. On the overall it covered a wide range.


Some thoughts on/after Barcamp Hyderabad that came to my mind.


       The alpha geeks of the PC world are not the alpha geeks of the mobile world. IMO the mobile pre adopters are the 10-17 year old kids who got a smartphone as their birthday gift. I was surprised & amazed as to how many of these geeks who grok out for developing code for PC even know how to get around installing a simple application in a Nokia 6600 or a J2ME phone.

       The Microsoft campus where the barcamp was held looked like a tube/tunnel or much like an airport terminal. It was very nicely decorated but it kind of looked a little funny to me as I have’nt seen any other office campus like this before. Even the entrance  was designed like an airport check in 🙂

        Lessig Style of presentation is really catching up and many are jumping to 2.0 style in presentation.  Atul gave a presentation where he used the lessig template and old typewriter font (I just love to use that P22 Typewriter font) but his style was much slower than the original lessig style. He had given a really wonderful presentation. Very rare is that you find a techie/geek who can speak in  normal people’s language and not speak the l33t speak. His points were very good but after a while (actually a long while) the audience grew restless because they felt like being hammered with the same two points.

        A statistic that was shared that we are 1 billion phone in the world and very soon we are going to have about 2 billion phone. I read recently that the actual number is that we have quietly crossed the 2.5 billion cellphone mark already.

        While spending time organizing things around missed out on meeting a lot of folks and also missed out on a couple of interesting talks. Should make sure from next time onwards that I do not miss lot of the talks or meeting with new folks.

Just 2 days for Barcamp Hyderabad2

The preparation of Barcamp Hyderabad 2 is going on well. Almost everything has been finalized. Food & snacks has been taken care of thanks to sponsorship from Geodisc & Ramp technology and it is being ordered from Microsoft Caterers. We had planned to scrap the T-Shirts but we have a last minute sponsor for the T Shirt now. Now the printing needs to completed, I have fingers crossed so that we get these T Shirts printed before barcamp 🙂

Kudos to all the volunteers for driving all the effort (Ramesh, Kopos, Rajat, Mohit, Vijay, Udai, Krishna, Sudhakar) who have been doing great work to put this together.Special mention of Krishna who did a fantastic job of coming up with the above cool logo.It is fully hyderabadi !!

Since this time it is being held at a corporate there are security procedure that needs to complied with. Also these procedures are tightened in the wake of the recent mumbai blasts. So if you haven’t registered so far on the wiki please do so as the names would be checked at the security gate

Barcamps in India are Seed for a Valley Culture

Barcamps across the world have the common spirit of openness & inclusiveness nature but I think there are different reasons of why they get embraced in different cities in the world.

In US when barcamp was started first (in Palo Alto by Chris & others) it was to fight the exclusive, non – open, discrimination against the nerds & geeks. It was to rebel against the detioration of a nerd embracing culture.

I think that in India the reason it got embraced was different, it offered a means to the nerds/geeks to help seed/create a valley kind of culture. (Startup Culture).

While I was at Barcamp Bangalore Amit had made an observation.”Most of the barcamps (Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore) that I attended so far are all populated with tech startup guys, though it is slightly different for Bangalore where there are more techies from big companies” .It is true for Barcamp Mumbai & Pune as well. Also if you look at the folks who have taken initiative in getting a barcamp organized in India they are invariably folks who have either started/starting their own startups or working for startups.

I don’t know if Paul Graham had heard about Barcamps when he wrote his article on how to be a silicon valley? If not he should certainly make a note of it and make sure that he attends one of them (if possible one in India) because barcamps in India are bringing in a lot of nerds together in contact with each other which had never happened before in this kind of way.

So If barcamps are the seeds then for a silicon valley what are the other needs. Yesterday while we were at the barcamp planning meet we came up with this thought of having a huge discussion in barcamp hyderabad2 on how Hyderabad can be a Silicon Valley. This would be a discussion that could encompass anything and everything related to creation/hindrance of a startups in India – the general culture, a vibrant city, inflection, risk capital society tolerant to failure, rich people, angels, vc’s, comp science universities, market, business schools, semi-conductor industries, liberalization, taxes , government, domestic, export regulatins, law and order situation, attitude towards career, schooling, parental pressure etc etc.

Barcamps will bring together nerds by default who are one of the key stake-holder of this entire eco-system. But for a meaningful discussion this needs the inputs of other key stake holders also viz academia, industry, VC’s, government etc. Somehow hoping that this message could be reached across a large number of such other interested parties and can participate in this dialogue. Could you help spread the word to all you know who would be interested in this great and interesting discussion at barcamp hyderabad2.

Barcamp Hyderabad 2

Barcamp Hyderabad held in April got an amazing response with close to around 200 people turning up for. So much so that almost everyone was eager to know when the next barcamp is going to be. Energized , encouraged & enthused by this we announce Barcamp Hyderabad 2 and this time around we plan to have it even more bigger. Last barcamp was about the web and this time it is about Mobiles .

Just recently we crossed 100 million mark for the number of mobile in India, thus it is undoubted that mobiles are goint to bring in a lot of changes in terms of creating new business and influence & shape a lot of our culture/lifestyle. We hope to cover these aspects in the barcamp.

If you want to camp here then get yourself added to the wiki & the yahoo group(if you hav'nt done so far :)).


Theme: Mobile Applications in the next Gen Internet

Where: JNTU Campus, (3.5 KM from HiTech city Microsoft Campus, Gachibowli

When: July 15, Saturday. 11am to 5pm (tentative)

We got together last friday to discuss things needed to kickoff barcamp hyderabad2, if you'd like to check out then mohit has more details on it.

Please help spread the word around, tell your friends,blog about it etc etc.

I just hope that this time it does not clash it with any other event 🙂

When is next

      There is a huge interest in having the next barcamp. Everyone seems to want to have another barcamp:).  Ramesh suggested that we have the next barcamp around the theme of "Mobile Applications & App Infrastructure" a couple of months later(around mid July). IMO it is a great topic to have and we have started seeking the opinion of the entire community on that. After all we have more mobile penetration is a lot greater than internet in India and espcially in consumer application the Indian market size is so huge that players from other countries are flocking to India to advantage of it.

     Talking of mobile I was thinking if we could plan to have something like a Mobile Monday.  It is where a set of people interested in mobile space (companies, independent developers, enthusiasts etc) meeting up on the first monday of every month to discuss anything related to mobile.Again no fee or registrations, more of grassroot kind of event just like barcamp.Infact Mobile Monday has been there even before Barcamp came out. Check out Mobile Monday Silcon Valley for some fascinating demos and talks. 

   I tried to find out the interest in having a mobile monday while I was in bangalore last year but at that time the interest was way too scattered across the country. I think that there are many mobile companies in hyderabad now and many more interested in mobile technologies so there should be enough interest in sustaining a monthly event around mobiles. Thoughts & Suggestions !! ??

My talk on barcamp

    My talk on "Economics of web 2.0" went quite alright. I knew I had a crass title but for what I was going to speak of I could not think of a better title. 

     I was little concerned that I probably did not gel well with the audience as I was bringing in alien(or atleast a percieved as one in tech geek community) topic to an audince of geeks who crank code & nothing. Also a  couple of friends suggested that the prez was good but some of the stuff of was OHT(Over Head Transmission). Definitely one thing I realized was that I should have never used the FT analogy for explaining a simple idea that a perspetive(or rather a shift of it) is of such a high importance. Guess I geeked out a little too much there 🙂

      But if what kunal had documented is what I  have got across the table then I think I have done a decent good job of a presentation 🙂 I have uploaded the ppt slides here in the barcamp site.

Barcamp Hyderabad Post Event

Barcamp Hyderabad turned out fantastatically and it was a great success. We had about 200+ registered in the wiki and about 180 turned up. Just a day before i.e. on friday about 50 people had registered in the barcamp wiki. Nice illustration of power law at work – ain't it 😀 We had expected that only about 75 people would turn up and the number could probably go up to 100 but 180 people turning up was phenomenal !! Phew !! . One of the other striking & interesting that I noted was that there was lot females who attended (it would have been even more nice if they had participated more, fielded questions etc). Till just before a few days ago there were very few gals who registered themselves in the wiki All I could see I was chaitanya's name (which she had put after after I literally hounded her 🙂 ) and then a few more. It was nice surprise to see a lot of members of the opposite sex taking interest in discussing talk of web 2.0 :D. I would say there were clearly about 30+ gals. Great that so many turned out and would love to see any one doing a Tara over here 😀 😀 🙂

I am too tired to write a whole lot about the barcamp right now & will post them a while later.  I had infact wanted to live blog but since I was helping coordinate the speakers to get their ppts & demos running I could'nt. Sumeet & Sanyam were doing live blogging and it is cool and you can go check them out. In this post I want to give shout to all the folks who helped coordinate to put up a great show at barcamp.

Ramesh – He is been extremely passionate about the barcamp since we ever discussed it first and had been spearheading in getting many of the sponsors onboard. Btw one has to be careful while standing next to him as his energy is infectious 😀

Kopos effortlessly managed all of the infra related setup.

Rajat has been very instrumental in popularizing & taking barcamps to places where blogs don't go – yes even in the web 2.0 world that we live in there are still pockets where blogs don't reach :D. Also he took care for arranging dinner and snacks.

Smr, the sysadmin & networking whiz just swished swashed all network related setup & sysadmin related issues.

Tarun along with smr worked hard on getting the video link up with chennai. We tried a lot but to due to flaky connections ( I don't know whether it was at our end or chennai end) we kept getting disconnected so had to drop the video idea and decided to go ahead with audio but then in the end even that did not pan out 😦

Chandru – Designed the wonderful poster and the ultra cool banner. (could not meet him though at barcamp 😦 )

Ripul – Helped out in setting up the wifi & getting up with video.

Arunabh helped us to get the video installed and help shoot the videos of the session.

Guys it was really an awesome job that each of us did to put up a great show. !!! Ofcourse I should not forget the 180+ people who turned out for the event also all of our sponsors 😀  Thanks to all of you guys 

If you attended barcamp hyderabad and would like share your thoughts then please enter your comments here at

web 2.0 in India

   Alok Mittal at Venturewoods refers to recent buzz/rumour about Facebook being valuated at 2 billion $. Certainly Facebook valued at $ 2 billion is a little too high and if one does calculate it should be around $ 750 million. IMHO these valuation are not a sign of bubble. I think these days anything that is not understood well is termed as a bubble given that we had a history with a bubble. 

   Alok mentions that this may get a few in India to roll out something simillar to it. Yeah he could be right but I am not too thrilled about it. India is more than 18+ months behind the valley & other places in web 2.0. Sure blogs picked up & there are a couple of simples aggregators around but then that how far things have gone. Whil valley already has many now 2nd generation of web 2.0 entreprenuers but here in India we are yet to see atleast one good web 2.0 play.

   Someone might just plainly copy myspace or facebook without getting to know what it takes to build these plays and that kind of an approach I am sure goes nowhere. Anyone remembers vQube built out of IISc to compete with Skype way back in 2004. I have not heard of any one single person in India who used it so far. Skype made a few billion $ exit but where is vQube now ? But if someone builds myspace for India the right way then that would no doubt lead to terrific amount of value creation for everyone 🙂 Did someone hear Subhash Chandra say "It’s the beginning of the end of television" a few days ago. Myspace for India could be very well positioned in a few years for Subhash to do a Murdoch. 

   As Alok I would love to see some kick ass action in this space in India. One of the primary pillars of web 2.0 is its colloborative & sharing nature. Infact the key element of any technology culture like in the Valley is that the folks there are super connected to each other. That is one key thing I feel we are missing in India. To help create such a culture a few of us have been trying to put up a barcamp together here in hyderabad which is to be held tommorow. Theme of this barcamp is "web 2.0 and the next generation internet". We might also jump into the barcamp at bangalore as well. It is been very hard for us to reach out to interested people but now we have close to 150 registered to attend the barcamp. Hop on to the event by registering yourself in the wiki, it would be a fun event to attend. 

Barcamp Hyderabad Prep

       Barcamp Hyderabad preparation is going on exteremely well, response so far has been great. There has been good coverage in traditional print media as well as in the blogosphere. Here is a link to an article written by DNAIndia on Barcamps in India, it is erroneously referred to in the article that it was authored by K Sriniprasad. It was written by Jayalakshmi Menon as she was the one who contacted Ramesh here and also Kiruba at chennai to gather and write the story.

    Ramesh said that a question that was brought up quite pertinently during the chat  was whether there was any competition that was going on between Barcamp Chennai and   Barcamp Hyderabad as they are organized on the same date. As I said earlier both the barcamps happening on the same day was just a matter of co-incidence. Also now both Barcamp Chennai  and   Barcamp Hyderabad is planning to have a video conference session between them on a common topic. Competition among barcamps would kill the spirit behind the whole spriit of barcamp. Barcamp is inclusive and not exclusive. 

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