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The third edition of Barcamp Bangalore has been announced and is scheduled to be held on 31st Mar & Apr 1st.  I love Bangalore Barcamps for the rich interactions and the high quality inputs that I take away from here which is very unique characteristic of it.  The first and second edition were fantastic and I had great time with lot of fun & learning and I am very excited about this edition as well.

The theme of the event this time around  is  “social-tech  – the impact of technology in our lives and society and vice versa.”

So I am looking forward to this barcamp and hope to have some great conversations around topics like digital property rights , post-network societies, free culture, attention economy,  communities & source of  value, hypersimulation , anomie , new/social  media etc.Would be doing a talk and/or a demo on my favourite technology – cameraphones 🙂

Two new things at barcamp

    There are two absolutely new and interesting things I learned at Barcamp at bangalore. Thanks to the wonderful idea of a lightning talk that somebody came up with there !

     Streetperformer protocol. It is a protocol put forward by Bruce Schiener & John Kelsey to fund public work throughprivate funds. It is a fascinating concept. (Talk by Siddharth, he is from ISB latest batch. I wonder what was he doing here :D)

     A bangalore based lawyer named Lawrence Liang's alternate postulate to free culture. Liang says that Lessig gets it all wrong about free culture. (Thanks to Jace to bring this out). I knew that there are some holes with what lessig says but Liang seems to have done an extensive study. Got to sit down some day and go to the root level and see what they both say. 

Link Love to InfinityRadio

    If I had not been to  barcamp I guess I would have never known about InfinityRadio at all. I am a big rock music fan and this is really cool stuff for rock music lovers.  Infinitymag and InfinityRadio are forum/radio run by two duo(Shreyas/Kaustabh) who have been working/struggling hard to keep local music of Indian Bands alive. It is a very saddening to see that so many good bands that come out of many college and start withering into nothingness once the folks from the band move out of college. InfinityRadio is an attempt to help change that situation and encourage independent rock musician to create their own albums and make enough money to recover their costs. 

    I had been dying to find to tune into such local indian based bands and I am really glad that I could find it now.

    Shreyas did couple of antics like this one here but then that's ok as use he was working for a bigger cause :D.   And if you like rock ( especially the original Indian bands) then go hang out at InfinityRadio and also help these two folks.

Barcamp Bangalore thoughts

Attended barcamp at bangalore today morning, Missed the first set of sessions as I had reached bangalore a little late. But the whole day went fantastic.

I wanted to live blog but could not because I could not connect to the internet at the premises. Once I could but the connection was extremely slow. Don't know whether it was a problem exclusive to me coz I found others blogging. Man It sucks I could not live blog at hyd and now here at bangalore as well :(. But atleast now I am home I could write post portem posts on barcamp bangalore which I never could get around to write for the hyderabad barcamp which I said I will write.

Some of my generic thoughts about barcamp :

I got to meet a lot of new & interesting people. Also got to meet many folks in person whom so far I had been in touch with through digital id's only. This barcamp was as unstructured as it could get which I absolutely loved. The unstructuredness was both good and bad in a way it was not unstructured in a way true to the spirit of barcamp but then as Amit had put it this made things very unorganized, I did 'nt even know about many sessions that happened and missed out on many interesting ones 😦 Had it been more organized I would have not missed them.
The number of people who turned out was not even to half those that registered in the wiki. I would say that about only about less than 100 people turned up.I was expecting a lot more to turn up come on man after all this bangalore. I guess hyderabad had about double the number that turned up. I think in the process of worrying about the  space/resource a lot of people got discouraged from coming at all.
One of the most striking feature of barcamp bangalore is varied set of people who had turned up here which is one reason that I did not want miss this barcamp. There was a a lawyer and a doctor in the audience and couple of other people who were not techies.

All the sessions that I attended were pretty good & none of them sucked well atleast according to me :). One thing that was lesser though were the demos, Again a lot of talk which was a big feedback that was obtained for the barcamp hyd.

One thing that I find odd in general is about feedback. In general many announced that they are here to take the feedback from the community ( atleast thats the terminology that was used 🙂 ) but it sadly did not happen much. IMO barcamp is about sharing & learning, learning from the community and learning happens when you listen to others. Most of us get into the defense mode. For those who are taking a feedback the golden rule is there is no feedback on feedback. Otherwise why bother take the fedback at all.

One of the really fantastic idea was that of lightning talk. Talk about anything for about 5 mins continously and at the end of it you stop and if stop speaking before it then questions will be fired at you. Lot of interesting topics came across. This was part was a lot of fun. Topics included

A lightning talk on ligtning talk
An interesting protocol used by about coordinating among many actors to get a a said target set of resources.

Dicussion on Open distro just for bioinformatics group.

Gyaan on BLAST & human genome.

     Then late in the evening many of us hung out at Geoffrey for very long. All in all it was a great day.

Barcamp Bangalore – Chris Messina Talks

Captured notes from barcamp – not live blogging  

   Missed a large part of it on discussion on barcamps , mashpits but did join the session a little before everyone started speaking about why they were here to attend this barcamp.

Pardon me if I used weird way to reference people sorry I could not read the name tags or there were no name tags at all. Give me the fixes below I will be more than glad to that. 

Amit Ranajan: Great Exp from Barcamp Delhi, want to attend more.

Vijender   Curiosity : Kalyan

Gentlman in Orange Shirt: ??

Akash: Never discuss them with people.

Mohit : For getting Idea

Podshala :   F/b from the community.

?? Do user interface design.

?? Search from Web 2.0 search results  -barcamp – Foocamp fuss.

?? (Lawyer ) Django Speaker : To Put name to faces.

Podshala – Was at Barcamp chennai
?? Currently went Into project mgmt – to keep in touch what is going around.

?? – Not a geek – but find out what they are doing.

Ashwing – non IT bckgrnd – Healthcare background. – find out what geeks are upto  We have a lawyer and a doctor.
Thej – Meet people – map them to faces.

Manish – Stay connected in person.

Venu Gopal – Blogged about Riya – so tara invited.

Rajiv Poddar – ??

Jitender – 2nd one , liked the first  one in noida so wanted to come here as well.
Anil – ??

Shaurya – Talking
Nicolas –  To meet other people in Innovation

Abhishek  Nayani – ??

Suresh – To meet people interested in technology.

Fichialds – I attend camps. Changes the world interacts with one another.

Syed –  Attend boring meetings TiE, NASSCOM these concept raised a curiosity in me

Chad –  Glad to be here.

Alex – Jealous of the community  at SF.  A new community is formed

Barcamp Bangalore – Technosociality & Cyborgs

What is Technosociallity ?

How technology affects the new kind of social life. life, labour & ? ?

There is myth of a dichotomy which we have of the real vs virtual and that needs to be broken.

Real is something that we call as the self in an objective reality and virutal being a fantasy world

Hypothesis is that the virtual is a consitutent of our physical self. How do one account for the 12 hours a day that one hangs out on the internet/IM and say that it was a part of the virutality. The best way to look at this is by calling two different facets as the physical and digital.

We define the identity of anything by defining what it is not. There is a certain kind of a homogenisation we do when try to define things that you know. Example is that of visual cognitive poetry

A keypoint being hypothesised is that how you understand your own self can never be outside the technology that you are born within. So in that sense every identity is a cyborg. For example we always define ourselves in the paradigm of time & space, our identity gets defined by the constructs around us. Our id gets the representation of an ego which is the result of superego suppressing our id. Technology is a key part of the ego.

Perceptual way of making meaning is not available in a digital world. In a digital world you have to have a certain way of representation. Meaning of things in physical world gets represented in a certain way. For example infant is not aware of where the body stops and the world starts. It is totally is limited by sense.

But the important aspect of this that our representation in the digital world affects our existence in the physical and the superego structures( nation states, social & other instituations etc) are realizing this and are creating influences in a way to affect our digital lifes and hence our self. Case in point Govts(for ex Govt of India)  considers the information related the the governments investment in media forms like cinema etc an information of national security. 

   It is fantastic session starting from the philosophical realms and taking it to the level were the discussion of such constructs in the practicalities of the world and how changes/dynamics there affect our normal living in the society.

   One point that I debated and argued with Nishant is that we can talk about technology being an integral of the ego not the id.  Can technology be taken to the same level as id is the whole argument of aritifical intelligence discussion which as some of you know I am strong opponent of. I believe that strong AI claims are facetious. Technology are integral part of the ego is something that I concur with & this perspective that nishant is certainly a very good framework to look at things. 

Barcamp Bangalore – Tara on Pinko

Below is my notes taken during barcamp, posting it right now as I could not live blog
I am here in barcamp bangalore and the first talk I am attending is that of Tara and she is talking about companies making money by being ethical. Previously companies used to make money by screwing consumers but that no longer is the case. Consumers have got sick of it now . (Change in consumer preferences)

Example like that of Teenager @ YouTube creating a big spike in downloads for logitech camera software.

Answer to such changes in consumer preference is a shift in marketing and go pinko marketing.

– The new order is influence is from amateurs rather than elite.

– The funnel is going downwards.

– Long tail is getting chunky.

We have a new marketing map. In old day you try to control the message. In the new world it is cluetrain and make it open source and let it go itn its own way. Examples is Alex's T Shirt – Barcamp Logo. Spread Firefox is another good example.

How to do pinko marketing ?

– Be a community advocate. Talk to community and get it back to the company.

– Go with the flow.Don't plan do it if you want to appease your CEO.
( Ah man ! Is'nt that fantastic )
– Predict the future.

– Reward your community. Give them incentives

– Stockholm Syndrome. Tick of all the engineers by brining the feedback from

– Be your own client. Meaning eat your own dog food. If you can't fall into
love with your own product how can you expect others to fall in love
Q by Prashanth – How does this go with Malcolm Gladwell's book where he says that initial user review gave feedback for a chair which was bad then it worked very well in the market.For Ex Can users say what they want in a flying car.

A 2323: Important to find people who are passionate about the products.

Pinko is a lot to do with small companies. Pinko is the word used to call communist sympathesizers. Marketing I am here talking about is not thinking about money.

Money is the answer of "because of" and is something that is not to be talked about when you are talking community.

Most Importantly if people are'nt in love . YOu can't go pinko.

Oh yeah !! Tara  does not express in person her views as intense, extreme and crazy way as he does in her blog.:D 😀 She is very mellow when spoken to in person. 

web 2.0 in India

   Alok Mittal at Venturewoods refers to recent buzz/rumour about Facebook being valuated at 2 billion $. Certainly Facebook valued at $ 2 billion is a little too high and if one does calculate it should be around $ 750 million. IMHO these valuation are not a sign of bubble. I think these days anything that is not understood well is termed as a bubble given that we had a history with a bubble. 

   Alok mentions that this may get a few in India to roll out something simillar to it. Yeah he could be right but I am not too thrilled about it. India is more than 18+ months behind the valley & other places in web 2.0. Sure blogs picked up & there are a couple of simples aggregators around but then that how far things have gone. Whil valley already has many now 2nd generation of web 2.0 entreprenuers but here in India we are yet to see atleast one good web 2.0 play.

   Someone might just plainly copy myspace or facebook without getting to know what it takes to build these plays and that kind of an approach I am sure goes nowhere. Anyone remembers vQube built out of IISc to compete with Skype way back in 2004. I have not heard of any one single person in India who used it so far. Skype made a few billion $ exit but where is vQube now ? But if someone builds myspace for India the right way then that would no doubt lead to terrific amount of value creation for everyone 🙂 Did someone hear Subhash Chandra say "It’s the beginning of the end of television" a few days ago. Myspace for India could be very well positioned in a few years for Subhash to do a Murdoch. 

   As Alok I would love to see some kick ass action in this space in India. One of the primary pillars of web 2.0 is its colloborative & sharing nature. Infact the key element of any technology culture like in the Valley is that the folks there are super connected to each other. That is one key thing I feel we are missing in India. To help create such a culture a few of us have been trying to put up a barcamp together here in hyderabad which is to be held tommorow. Theme of this barcamp is "web 2.0 and the next generation internet". We might also jump into the barcamp at bangalore as well. It is been very hard for us to reach out to interested people but now we have close to 150 registered to attend the barcamp. Hop on to the event by registering yourself in the wiki, it would be a fun event to attend. 

Now in bangalore

Barcamp now in bangalore and yes I am going to be there 🙂 Dates are yet to be finalized, most probably a date in may.

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