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video age

You know a trend has reached a zenith of when it takes political tones.

Check out the Hillary 1984 video,v

within a very short time it had hundred more than million views, it is a spoof on the the 1984 ad

which laid the foundation of the mac cult. Year 2004 saw the use of blogs in presidential race in US and that year could termed as a turning point year for blogging. Videos seem to have that turning point this year.

Nokia 6600 Ad sucks

Now here is an Ad which I think now sucks big time: Product – Nokia 6600, Medium – TV. “Insaan phone sirf bat karne ke liye nahin kharidta – Mere papakabhi nahin badlenge” (Hindi) which means “A person does’nt buy a phone just to talk, my dad will never change from his age old thinking”

Any ad which mocks another one[Tata Indicom here] and thus try to generate buzz around a topic which is already a buzz is plain stupid. This will only lead to an arms race between the two players. [ Ok when was the last time we saw such ads, “Thums Up & Mountain Dew”]. I am utterly disappointed with Nokia on this one as I have great respect for Nokia as a company because it is one of the few companies which inspite of being big does some serious innovation. Guyz @ Nokia, whom did you hire to do this Ad ?? Hopefully the Tata Indicom people don’t continue the red queens race and ignore this Nokia Ad and concentrate on building a more innovative ad like the ones that they already made.
Update:  Mobilepundit on the contrary thinks Ad is cool 🙂

I don’t want those Google Ads

Came across this nice piece of platform for firefox called Greasemonkey, tried my hands a little on this now and I am blown away by its power. It allows one to customize at the browser end how a page looks or is rendered. It works with Firefox. Here is ascript that hides google ads. ( via Jeremy Z)

Personalized Advertising

Check out this ad, where my name appears. It’s just Wow !! ( via AJ )

Pepsi’s Lousy Ad

I have previously blogged that I love Ads as much as I love technology & music. I get a thrill/kick when I watch real cool Ads but then also my blood boils when I see a lousy Ad.

The latest Pepsi Ad airing on all major TV channels these days called “Bubli” is one of most lousiest Ad that I have seen in the recent time. First of all I am no big fan of Shah Rukh Khan but even if rest that fact aside for a moment I still can’t figure out what this Ad is all about.

Ad’s by the likes of big companies are basically a big brand building activity. Well to begin with the concept of brand itself is shallow. ( because brands try to associate meaning with the products rather than trying to discover the true meaning & portray them). But even if Ads( a methodology/mechanism for brand building) are just about association of meaning I still love it because of the potential creativity or coolness that are brought into it many a times.

In this pepsi’s Ad every thing around SRK ( teenage girl’s navel, guitar’s mouth, dolls, garage ….) everybody seem to be saying “bubbli” when they see a pepsi bottle, now I don’t know whatever it means. I don’t see anything coool about this ad or any coolness attached to it. Everytime I see this Ad running on TV , I just feel like smashing the TV. Incidentally I was disucssing this with a couple of friends and everybody unanimously poohed poohed the Ad.

Normally when I buy a soft drink I have no preference about coke/pepsi. Whatever I utter first I buy that drink . If I recall it is was equal probability I got both of the drinks. But now thanks to this Ad, I will make sure that I never buy Pepsi even if there is no stock of any other soft drink.

I would really like to meet the great genius who devised this Ad, I want to give him a piece of my mind.

Note to Pepsi: Now that I have pledged not to buy your drink why don’t you think different win a customer base that can become a loyal (or hyper-loyal) to you.

We are in 2005 and get to see such lousy Ads , 21 years Apple made this terrific Ad called “1984” which was the genesis & catalyst of the mac fanatacism of the mac lovers. Absolutely Brilliant Ad !! A must see if you have’nt seen it before.


Apart from technology I just love ad’s ( especially creative ads). I never miss the supplement of the wednesday edition of Economic times which critiques Ad’s although many times I don’t agree with their voting of ‘Best’ and the ‘Bekaar’
Two of the TV ad’s that I cherish so still
1. Diary Milk Ad ” Kuch Khaaas hai zindagi mein” ( created by Alyque Padmasee)
2. “Ciagrette in My hand”

I read a post on AJ’s blog about the ‘Cigarette in my hand’ ad. He has posted the lyrics of the ad song, as like him I am like for the song/vidz of the ad. Inface if any one has any of the two above Ad song/vidz please let know.

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