CMobi – See My Mobile

       Past so many days/months has kept me busy working on many products. We released another mobile application called CMobi ( See My Mobile  for short).  CMobi allows to share the screen of a mobile inside a PC/Laptop.  Folks (such as marketing professionals , mobile support executives, corporate executives, teachers) who would like to present or screencast their mobile screen would find this very useful.

A demo of CMobi is here.

If you are on skype or msn then you could also share the screen of the mobile remotely with your IM contacts.

A user gave us feedback  that this was helpful to stay at the home and do their work without  travelling as travelling is very expensive and risky (due to the swine flu everywhere) these days. Let me know how you find the application useful. 

4 thoughts on “CMobi – See My Mobile

  1. Hi Thyagarajan,
    Good to see your product out. Can’t give it a try as don’t have a supporting phone. But am sure it rocks.

    By the way, you might know that OSK moved to bangalore.

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