Indian Startup/Products events

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

2008 promises to be a very good start for Indian technology startups and products. Two great events are lined up in January for startups and other companies to show case their products. – An event with a mandate to highlight product innovation in the technology space. Of course the sweet corner for this event is startups with products but then later stage/large companies that produce good products too are included. Folks (puneeth, aditya, keshav and others) behind this event are by now are veterans in organizing events that benefit the entire community and I am sure that this going to be a kick ass event. – Proto is the first event in India to provide a platform for startups to show case their products. Modelled after Demo in US it hopes to be a larger platform to encompass and show case product companies across Asia. Though I was initially involved and contributed in my capacity to the event but I could not attend the event in the past, the first one due to injury/sickness and second due to a project delivery/release. This time around I have made my plans in advance to be there.

As an entreprenuer I would love to make the most use of the both the events but alas they are both on same day , I am planning to attend both the events on different days.

Wish you all great year 2008