Wow factor , where is it ?

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

The other day Rajiv, Raja and myself were heading to do some conspiration for MoMo (psst can’t let that out 🙂 ) and had pretty interesting conversation about valuation/innovation in the Indian context. The initial topic of discussion was the difference between percept value & real value, applications and R&D came up and were comparing and contrasting the facebook valuation with Navini networks buy out by cisco in the same week. Rajiv details this topic in his blog while Navini is a pioneer in beam forming antennas and WiMax and it involves very deep technology R&D and IP but facebook has 40-50 times of the valution of Navini.

Rajiv asked this question whether there is an Indian company that will see such kind of valuation , the answer we all agreed is no but the following question is what is more interesting. Can we name atleast one company from India that can be called us cool or innovative before even thinking of higher valuations ? Not surpisingly there was not a single company ( from India) that we could come to think of which has a wow factor in it or something that can be called as a game changer.

Tata’s 1 lakh car project was one contendor as it can be potentially a game changer but we could not identify many companies and say hey these are cool !.

What is your Wow Company in India ?