Crazy Mobile Growth – What are causes ?

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

I am really scratching my head to find out who are the influencers for the Indian mobile markets ?  What tips consumer market behaviours here.  what are the information that Indian mobile buyers use before purchasing a mobile. A friend’s recommendation, TV ad, recommendation websites.  I read/watch all the top Indian mobile blogs, forums &  news snippets, TV shows but I doubt from what I have seen that these really cause much of what is happening ?

Is the main stream media(MSM) the sole channel for demand creation. If so then how did Windows Mobile ship more than a 1 million unit recently ?  Was it because of extensive print/TV marketing campaign or did retailers play a major role by cross selling or upselling. What is causing Nokia to have increasing growth even in smartphone category in India ? How and why are people in villages and tier 2 cities purchasing N Series phone ?

What are the market drivers leading to such accelerated growth. I speak to many mobile industry thought leaders, implementors, service providers , vendors but none seem to have a clue. Everybody is happy seeing these change and wants to leverage & exploit but nobody seems to have any answer of why it is happening.

The growth rate seems to be following an exponential pattern akin to what you see in viral growth trajectory . But then there are no examples of viral marketing in India.  I can count many examples of word of mouth in India but viral marketing is almost non-existent. (The difference between the two is that message passing in the former is decay function and hece non exponential growth curve while the latter is an increasing function) . Which is what led to me to question at the beginning of the post. Who/What are the influencers ?

Quest is on to find it out ? Any ethnographers or marketeer or anyone else knows any bits of the answer ?