Open Coffee Club India

            Open Coffee Club  starts in Chennai and in Bangalore. This should result in a regular meetups and creation of informal network/community of entreprenuers and would benefit entreprenuers interacting with each other. But I think the unique thing about Open Coffee Clubthat differentiates  from other meetups & camps  is that this open movement was championed by a VC/investor, Saul Klein who started this a few months ago is a partner at Index Ventures. This to large extent prevents skewed participation from the VC community in many open movements. Aided by its regular meets this provides a possibility for sourcing advisory capital for an entreprenuer which so far has always been bundled with venture money.  It would be great if  SiddhiVaibhav , Ramjee could rope in an investor (angel/VC) who would be simillarly passionate about the cause of creation of an entreprenuerial ecosystem. Last when I checked with few VC’s I knew they were shy to participate but I think they are not to blame because contrary to currently prevalent belief the ratio of VC/entreprenuer is very low,  given this VC participating in things like this knows that they will be barraged worser than what happens in the rapid fire round of Koffee with Karan 🙂

12 thoughts on “Open Coffee Club India

  1. @Vaibhav,
    Meet you on 19th.

    Ramjee, Vaibhav and Siddi are spearheading this initiative in Bangalore and Chennai, I will connect you to these folks I am sure we could take a lot of learning from your OpenCoffee experience.

  2. @Rajan,

    Thanks a lot for posting about this event.
    I would be very happy if you can drop by.
    Also I read your previous exp. if you can talk to that investor and get him to this. it would be great.

  3. @Ram/Vaibhav,

    Last meet was with Alok of Canaan partner, he keeps travelling to bangalore almost every month and we had a meet on one of such days when he was in bangalore. Since you have already got it annouced in Venturewoods I guess Alok would know it already, I could drop in note still.

    I will surely come down for the meet.


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