Mobile Media MoMo India

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

I was’nt super excited in feb MoMo but was very happy about MoMo in  Marchespecially the demo part ( from Mango Technologies) it went great. I am sure Sunil and his team from Mango had a lot to take back from MoMo.

I am very excited about this MoMo, both the topic and demo.  The speaker this time is Aditya Dev Sood, CEO of CKS  who is also a PhD in Anthropology from University of Chicago and has written recently a very fascinating report called Mobile Development report on how mobiles are used in India (esp Rural India)

This time demo in MoMo is going to be given by Sujai CEO of Sloka Telecom, an earlier speaker at MoMo and regular MoMo’er. Sloka Telecom  is working on building WiMax related equipments and base stations.  I quite admire those who have the courage to create harware based startup from India as hardware IMO is much more risky proposition.

Time permits I will blog my thoughts from MoMo.