Lawrence Liang Property Rights Indian Stories BCB3

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

Have so many topics that I want to blog about but on top of that list is the talk by Lawrence Liang at Barcamp Bangalore 3 which literally blew my mind . Unfortunately no one recorded it in audio or video 😦 but thanks to kiruba a short offline podcast with him is available.  In today’s technological world the most important rifts happening is the redefintion of property rights and India is in pre pre … stone age in this aspect. Lawrence Liang a lawyer and an activist who is also the head of Creative Common India illustrated some of these points with very entertaining India specific examples and stories.  Though many dropped their jaws with disbelief when he said piracy is good for today’s digital world but I am not sure if his point was understood at all.

It’s may no longer be relevant to distinguish between public vs private property and commercial vs non-commercial rights. Development of  property rights  is one of the most fundamental innovation/invention in the entire human history and is the most important underpinning for the notion of the modern society. Since from the time of Marx it is well known property rights gets redefined when modes of production changes radically and  digital technology has altered the modes of culture and knowledge production. History is a testimony to the fact that nothing short of a revolution happens when property rights are redefined. Next 5 – 10 years would be great to watch as this unfolds.

T-Series started as a cassette piracy company went on to become one of the most popular Indian music company. Ironically a few weeks ago it served a legal notice to google for copyright violations of t-series music albums hosted in youtube.