Wikicamp was great

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

I attended wikicamp last sunday and it was nice to catch up with many folks with whom I had been interacting only over email. It was also great to hear from Jimmy who spoke with such great humility about history of wikipedia , the current work and future course of action for wikipedia and wikia.

The crowd at the wikicamp was a very diverse and a different set and it was good to see it that way otherwise in many of these conferences you bump into the same folks again and again.

I am a big fan of wikipedia and use it a lot like so many others but until I attended wikicamp I did not really appreciate the work that is put in by so thousands of volunteers to make wikipedia happen. Also I never knew that there are so many contributors from India. Thanks to Arun’s  session on how and what of Indian wikipedia story I am able to much appreciate the work of the prolific wikipedians from India like Ganesh Krishnamurthy, BalaSundaraRaman, Bhadani.

The number of attendees was less compared to blogcamp but the energy was even much greater.  One thing I like about events at chennai is the energy of the people at the event is just infectious, you are charged with that energy when you return home.

As is the case with unconference there is a lot of coverage on the blogosphere about the event.

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Here are few photos from the event from my N70.

Takeaway from the event for me was the realization I don’t do any contribution to wikipedia and I should start doing so. Hmm ! Now what are the topics on which I can start contributing to wikipedia.