Two talks this month

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

TiE Bangalore organized two excellent talks this month. The first one was from Michael Moritz of Sequia Capital who is doing an India tour currently and the second was from Deep Nishar, head of Google India. I could capture Michael Mortiz’s talk but when I tried to do the same for Deep’s talk my N70 would’nt let me do it. I hate it when devices take a mind of their own and do not do things which you ask them to do. I tried to do the noisy reboot several times but that just helped me gain more embarrassment as the guy who kept making noise. I would have really like to have the second talk recorded as it was an excellent talk where Deep described about the culture of innovation which is a part of the DNA of google that is crucial for Google’s stellar succcess.

Michael’s talk was very good as well, I should say it was rather stories about how founders are very key in building great organizations explained with the examples of Apple, Yahoo, Google and Youtube. He drew parallel among all these companies saying that they were all started by 20 somethings and built a product that they wanted for themselves and all funded by Sequoia in a a very early stage. Quite impressive the way Michael told these stories but I just hope that all the 20 something in the audience don’t let themselves believe that Sequoia in India is going to the very same thing, reality is quite different. Did you say Nazara yeah I know but that is not quite the same as what Micheal talks about.

Michael’s talk here