Others live blogging blogcamp

There are so many tags that people are using that it is so confusing right now as to which tag to use to search for other bloggers who are live blogging.It is kinda of going against the whole purpose of having a tag. Couple of tags that you might want to try out to search other bloggers blogcamp , blogcampindia, indiablogcamp, blogcamplive, Following are a few bloggers who are live blogging right now


Sunil Bajpai


Kartik Kannan

Neha Vishwanathan



Rajesh Segu

update : picked this from the wiki here ( better way than technorati)



Joy of Innovation

Rohan Pinto


4 thoughts on “Others live blogging blogcamp

  1. […]
    How long would I stay here?

    Don’t know. But it is nice to be up and running on wifi in about 30 secs and to get productive right away.

    I asked the driver to wait but it appears that was unnecessary. Might as well tell him to return in the evening. […]

    I am still here on day two! 🙂

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