Mobile 2.0 ? Peripheral Vision

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

      A few days ago I came across this presentation from Jyri Zengstorm who is an entrepreneur from Finland. Here is a presentation that he made at Aula and the title of which is peripheral vision. I found it to be quite very interesting. What fascinating about this presentation is that Jyri uses a brilliant metaphor called peripheral vision to talk a lot about what could be described as Mobile 2.0.

       Explaining a concept through a story or a metaphor is very powerful when compared to use or illustration of graphs and models. Graphs & models can be digested by geeks and techies but normal personal understand it best through a story. The mobile 2.0 presentation that I used in MoMo Delhi used more of the former (models & graphs) and this presentation acts as a very nice complementary aid & much much more to that but all easily accessible for a layman to understand. Also interesting to look at is his favourite picks of application and services. A must read if you are interested in anything to do with 2.0