Nokia Media Platform

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

Most of us would have seen the Nokia N series ad featuring Gary Oldman in which he quips “All the world is a stage and all men & women merely players”.


He has recently released a short film shot entirely using a Nokia N93 called Donut. It is available on Nokia studio.


I really love what Nokia has done with their N series as a platform, I am not super thrilled with N70 phone though (has good features but is very slow and keypad is hard, will post a long review on it sometime) but as a platform they have created an amazing setup. Nokia which has stopped calling the device it manufactures a phone and labeled them as a multimedia computer has not only created this device but has enabled in all possible ways other complimentary service/product that would be required for using the device. Nokia is one company which understands the 2.0 equation pretty well in the mobile & media space and has been positioning itself well by being the best at what it is best – a platform player. Check out

Nokia N Series Studio

Nokia MBlog

I am waiting for the day when the price of an N93 device drops to one third of its current price ( ie to current price of a 6600) from which point onwards a true revolution would ensue and we can expect to see a long tail in media very evidently 🙂