Blogcamp – About Media 2.0 and India

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

I would be most likely attending Blogcamp in Chennai. It aims to be the biggest blogger meet in the country so far.



As I much as I dislike everybody suffixing a 2.0 to everything that they can I am very much guilty myself propogating 2.0 memes. Blogcamp though loosely defines the topic/ theme as blogging, citizen journalism, podcasting , vlogs etc IMHO it should have a theme titled “Media 2.0 in India”. And that is exactly why it is interesting and very exciting for me. I am a technologist who follow things from an economic point of view and that has led me to reach out to these fascinating changes happening in the media industry. Here you would find my brain fart on the same a topic (media2 & India) posted a while ago.

But this is a very theoretical approach to the whole thing. Blog camp promises to gather people who have been in the media space for long or have experienced the new media first hand. Many of these folks are those understand a lot of these things in an intuitive way. So it is going to be quite fun watching & learning from these people.