New & Interesting India centric website  Social Music Site   Took a first look at it, looks promising.

NewsCola , Indian Digg  Very very slick Interface. (By who else other than Bixee/Himanshu’s team who have been rolling out web2.0 stuff with an India focus for some time now)  Recently funded web portal in hyper crowded travel portal space. Its a little old I agree but I  suggest to check Its interface which just blew me away. IMO the best interface of all the airline sites in India.

18 thoughts on “New & Interesting India centric website

  1. Hi Rajan,

    I’m one of the founders of Cleartrip, thank you very much for the high praise, your comments keep us going…

    We’re hard at work to get the site out of Beta, I hope you’ll be visiting us again.


  2. Hi hrush,
    I am surprised & glad that you guys are trawling the blogosphere and are actively seeking customer feedback. Saw a few post of yours referencing kathy’s post. You guys are doing the right thing. Keep up the good work !

    hi quasi
    I don’t drink beer and I don’t gush about somethng because someone is going to offer me beer, I gush because i like it. Clear hai !


  3. Hi Rajan,

    Thanks for the kind words about NewsCola. We have only done a soft launch and we put the smallest link at Bixee to nudge GoogleBot in the right direction, but your eyes miss nothing, eh? 🙂

    There is some work still being done on the site. Will keep you posted.

  4. …and similar to (another US based web 2.0 travel site), I hope we can come up with something original soon!

  5. Thanks Rajan for covering the Indian Web 2.0 activity. Congratulations to the folks that posted earlier with the ideas they are working on.

    We are working on a news aggregator portal at

    Please review my blog at Your harsh feedback is most welcome and would help us a lot in fleshing out the next generation features and user experience.

    I know this is not a an original idea by any stretch of imagination. My attempt is only to provide a superior user-experience compared to everyone else out there.

    -Sid Meka

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