It is just a journey not a destination

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

There are some things in life that we learn by listening to others who tell you and some other we learn by finding it out by yourself. Even though it is easier to learn from what others tell there is joy in learning it by actually doing/experiencing it.

Building a technology product startup in India is difficult is just a bland statement said by many is what I used to think but I have learnt that it is quite actually difficult J

My efforts along with Rajat to create a high technology startup Advetta and build a mobile visual search platform has not been able to see much of light through the day over the past 9 months. Couple of reasons for it could be that our envisioned product is too early for the market(he he that is what every entreprenuer says :)), lack of financial infrastructure to fund high tech startup(that is what every indian entreprenuers says :)) , difficulty in building a team or executing a grand vision to name a few.

Some of our assumptions that we made (we hoped to get a client for this project or external funding by this point of time 🙂 ) got totally blown away. Thus with mutual consent we have decided to pull the plug on this project and dissolve Advetta.

I will reboot in a few days as there is many more things to still learn in life or to just learn the lessons well 🙂 I think that is fun/peril of living on the edge.