Mobile Monday Bangalore first meet update

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

I am just back from kicking off the first Mobile Monday Bangalore(India) meet and it was thrilling to meet many mobile enthusiasts. Since this was just a small kickoff meeting and the main intent of the meeting was to discuss about Mobile Monday we had expected only 10 people to turn up but about 20 people turned up.




Earlier we planned to have the meet it in Koshi club but Rajeev could convince Vaidi & Rohit from Aztec to give us some space to host the meet. Thanks Rohit & Vaidi


We started the kickoff with Rajiv starting with a brief presentation on Mobile Monday on what it is and what it intents to achieve, I stepped in the later half to complete the presentation and discuss next steps & actions.


After the presentation we had some very interesting discussion on the status of Mobile TV & its future road ahead. Rajiv gave a brief overview on Mobile TV which he also put up as a post on his blog.


Later the discussion in the group shifted to which is the popular and better platform to develop for in India and which will prevail. As expected it was a long discussion J and the general consensus seemed to be that in the long run Linux will take over as the ultimate mobile platfor. There were popular opposing thoughts that were discussed which were supported by the arguments that mobile windows OS right now is cheaper than linux so the possibility of that happening is very grim.


Dr Madan (thanks to Jari/Mike for the connection) informed us that there is another group called the Bangalore M which shares similar interest in mobility and is been gathering steam for quite some time. So in the meet we decided to merge that group into Mobile Monday group.


Couple of followup items that came up from the meet







  • Follow/up with Jari on putting up
  • Create Momo Bangalore wiki & blog
  • Speak to Rajesh/Veer to find out if redirection from is possible.
  • Design & update Momo website
  • Next Momo Bangalore meet on July 17th at Aztec , topic TBD


You can see pictures of all the MoMo attendees here. Also there was a some press coverage to Mobile Monday Bangalore, thanks to Raghu from DNA.


After the meet few of us headed for the nearest pub called Legends of the rock where we enjoyed watching Ukraine ravage Saudia Arabia by 4-0. I went back home with this thought in mind, there is a ton of interest in mobile in India and everybody is thinking that mobile is going to be the next big thing for India.