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Want an Uranium Jeans

   I want to buy a Uranium Jeans & merchandise.  I had always wanted a apparel which display scrolling text message (via textually).  The message displayed can be sent via mobile, I think it should be feasible to write a small hack which could stream my play-list in my music player/i-pod to the display in the apparel. And how cool that would be 🙂

Absolutely cool 

Indian Tech Startups

Two days ago a friend from in a b-school asked me to give him a list of early startups in India. I have been tracking the startup scene in India for a long time now but when he asked me to give a list then I did not have one that I could pass it on to him. Also realized that there is no pointers on the internet which I could point him to. So I sat down and put together a list of all the startups in India that I have came across ( met, heard or read) in the last few months. I am posting this list here in the hope that this is of help to someone.I would have pasted the entire list in the post itself only if wordpress would have permitted to do so.

I think the best way to share this could be to put the file on a collaborative space, I tried using numsum but the free service only allows upto 20 rows. Let me know if there is any alternate solution to put this up somewhere where it can be edited wiki style. (here is the excel sheet for this)

update: I could upload this sheet to numsum, thanks to Animesh for pointing this out. 🙂 If you want to edit this sheet to add entries let me know, I will send you an numsum invite to do so. 

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