Entrepreneurial Lessons

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

       Nuggets of wisdom learnt through painstaking experience by an entreprenuer. I could not agree more to each of the word spelt in his post.  Reproducing below the key points spelt in the post.

  • You don’t need an MBA for the first 3 years
  •  What type of people should be in the team:
    • Those who say – behave – act – MY COMPANY
    • Those who focus on work and don't try to bargain fully knowing that chips are down
    • Those who can share your dream and are driven by it

       I have myself got into arguments with many (including people who are experienced) on why it does not make sense to have an MBA type in the team of a early stage technology company. ( Oh yeah but the VC's will tell you otherwise :))