First rule of first principle thinking, do not use first principle thinking when a mental model is available

Great Marketing

In his latest post marketing ace Godin says

     “Great marketing pleases everyone on the team, sooner or later. But at the beginning, great marketing pleases almost no one. At the beginning, great marketing is counter-intuitive, non-obvious, challenging and apparently risky. Of course your friends, shareholders, stakeholders and bosses won't like it. But they're not doing the marketing, you are.”

and that is exactly what Tara has done with her pinko marketing for Riya.

TiE blog

       Tieboston has a blog .I don’t know when tiebangalore or tiehyderabad will start having a blog. Rajat has been trying to push for that a lot,let’s see when that starts happening. As in one of the posts the Jay author of the blog notes TiE members seemed to be scared of blogging.

Entrepreneurial Lessons

       Nuggets of wisdom learnt through painstaking experience by an entreprenuer. I could not agree more to each of the word spelt in his post.  Reproducing below the key points spelt in the post.

  • You don’t need an MBA for the first 3 years
  •  What type of people should be in the team:
    • Those who say – behave – act – MY COMPANY
    • Those who focus on work and don't try to bargain fully knowing that chips are down
    • Those who can share your dream and are driven by it

       I have myself got into arguments with many (including people who are experienced) on why it does not make sense to have an MBA type in the team of a early stage technology company. ( Oh yeah but the VC's will tell you otherwise :)) 

War for News

     I am  fed up with the stinking trash spilt out garbed as news by the various regional & English TV channels. But surprisingly I am enjoying the inside dirt of many of these premises( CNN-IBN, Times Now, NDTV). Warfornew is written by an anonymous person who goes by the alias ‘All seeing spy’ and the blog is becoming popular by the day. It sometimes gets about 400 comments on a post,  Phew !!

    The power of mainstream media is getting challenged in a serious way. Never before we could have seen or even imagine something like this happen. 

Entrepreneurship Network

           I was forwarded this news article by a friend few days ago, it is relinked at many places now. 

       Few folks at IIT Powai are trying to help build a Global Entreprenuership Network connecting entreprenuers and VC's ,  they are also trying to collaborate with entrepreneurship cell at Stanford and MIT.

      This could be of great help to entrepreneurs , I think it would be great to have a node of this network in as many cities in India as possible(have one at Hyderabad/Bangalore 😀 ).

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