Future of mobile media

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

       Shawn Connan, co-founder & CEO of Rabble is an extremely smart guy, something which I have mentioned few times earlier. He is a visionary and is far ahead from the rest of the pack in his understanding the mobile & media business. Shawn gave a talk called “User-Generated Content and the Future of Mobile Media” in BREW 2006 conference and he has uploaded his presentation that he used. It is I believe one of the most lucid explanation of the big inflections that are happening in the mobile media industry .The presentation by itself is very well made one, clearly among top 10% of presentation that I have seen.  

        Unfortunately many players worldwide in the industry( incumbents & smaller ones) are yet to understand these changes.

What he says in his presentation are the following three key things.

  • Media is being redefined
  • Media distribution is being redefined
  • Media is merging with personal communication.

Check out the prez for detailed explanation