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       Long since I have been ranting about the lack of MoMo in India (my previous rant here).Today I was having a conversation with Rajiv and during the conversation the lack of local MoMo thought came back again & together we decided that we should go ahead and setup a local MoMo chapter by ourselves.

     So I sent out a mail to mobile monday yahoo group asking Russell & Mike on how to go about in setting up a mobile monday in our city.  I will be more than delighted to have the mobile monday chapter either in bangalore or in hyderabad as both of these  cities I can easily reach. As soon as we get a reply we will proceed ahead to create a local chapter. The first chapter is going be in Bangalore, right Rajiv 🙂 !!

20 thoughts on “Local Momo

  1. keep me posted about the progress of your initiative . we would like to organize mobile monday here in Delhi also . if you know someone in delhi who might be interested in it . please introduce him to me

    good luck

  2. Hi Rajan,

    Sorry i didn’t get back to your email previously. I still have it starred though. Thought will reply in detail and somehow didn’t materialize. Just read your post – will follow up. I talked with someone called ‘Chirag’. Another mobile company guy in Bombay. Couple of people in my office are also interested on the idea.

    Can u atleast have all the interested people on paper? I feel – a wiki is the best place to make a start. Or atleast opening a page that is maintained. Yes, we have to make a start somewhere. But it shouldn’t fizzle out. Thats my only concern.

    How do you think we should take it? Include me also in the emails with Rajiv.

  3. Hey folks, I just sent an email to Rajan but figured I would post some stuff here as well. There isn’t any formal process to starting up a new chapter. The Silicon Valley chapter isn’t the main organization either, the folks back in Finland have been doing this much longer than us and have a formal group setup there (http://www.mobilemonday.net/mm/about.php). Those guys have provided us a ton of info about how to tune our meetings and make them go smoothly. But for the most part we operate on our own. So what needs to be done to have a mobile monday meeting? Find a place to meet and tell people where it is. Everything else is optional. Good luck with your meeting, and if you can post pictures and info please do so. We would love to see how it goes! – Mike

  4. Hi Mike,
    I have been polling the list since yesterday but somehow am not able to see my post & repost or your reply to it 🙂 Don’t know what is wrong 😦 Thanks for your post here !

    Mobile monday is simillar to spirit of barcamp which is fantastic. Will sure go ahead and have one mobile monday organized in bangalore to startwith.

    And I am sure pretty soon we will have mobile monday started in bangalore(rajiv & me) , hyderabad (me), mumbai(vinu) & delhi(prashanth) and many other cities in India 🙂

  5. Guys,
    I am a mobile developer working in bangalore. Count me also if you arrange any MoMo meets in Bangalore


  6. I feel like getting energetic following the posts above.
    I too am a mobile technology enthusiast & surely would like to be the part of it from day One.

    I shall keep track of the activites indeed!

  7. Hi Guys,

    I just moved back from the bay area last month to Delhi. Had been regular at the MoMo events back in the valley. I had been seriously discussing this idea amongst my collegues about organizing another chapter here in Delhi. Rajan/Prashant if you have some headstart please let me know. If any of you in Delhi and wants to discuss it further please feel free to buzz me lomesh[at]gmail.com

  8. Hi Rajan, Rajiv,

    Funny that I find this post here. I recently moved to Bangalore from Seattle where I attended several MoMo meetings (including one in SF) and I was interested in getting in touch with the mobile community here to start a MoMo group here in Bangalore. How about we try and sync up and get it going? I am certain there will be significant turnout once we get started. We can try and get some sponsorship as well.

    My email is chintanm@yahoo.com


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