Barcamp Mumbai is on

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

 Barcamp Mumbai would have started by now. I made a barcampish(adhoc) 🙂 kind of attempt to reach umbai after Mohit & I chatted on thursday evening. But too much of adhocness does'nt work always I guess :). Had I planned for it a little earlier I think I could have made it there. I kind of realized one thing with this while it is true that plans do not work more than 50% of time as each & every factors can't be accounted for and plan's will go awry but also too much of adhocness also does not get things done as there are friction that exists and they can easily be resolved if some beforehand thoughts go into it.

    Anways I will hang out on the live blogs to find about the cool stuff that is going on there and also Mohit has promised to get back the video's, pics & notes from the event 🙂

Here are the blogs that might do live posts 🙂

 and here are the first set of photos from barcamp mumbai.

Barcamp Mumbai Photos Barcamp Mumbai Photos