When is next

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

      There is a huge interest in having the next barcamp. Everyone seems to want to have another barcamp:).  Ramesh suggested that we have the next barcamp around the theme of "Mobile Applications & App Infrastructure" a couple of months later(around mid July). IMO it is a great topic to have and we have started seeking the opinion of the entire community on that. After all we have more mobile penetration is a lot greater than internet in India and espcially in consumer application the Indian market size is so huge that players from other countries are flocking to India to advantage of it.

     Talking of mobile I was thinking if we could plan to have something like a Mobile Monday.  It is where a set of people interested in mobile space (companies, independent developers, enthusiasts etc) meeting up on the first monday of every month to discuss anything related to mobile.Again no fee or registrations, more of grassroot kind of event just like barcamp.Infact Mobile Monday has been there even before Barcamp came out. Check out Mobile Monday Silcon Valley for some fascinating demos and talks. 

   I tried to find out the interest in having a mobile monday while I was in bangalore last year but at that time the interest was way too scattered across the country. I think that there are many mobile companies in hyderabad now and many more interested in mobile technologies so there should be enough interest in sustaining a monthly event around mobiles. Thoughts & Suggestions !! ??