My talk on barcamp

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

    My talk on "Economics of web 2.0" went quite alright. I knew I had a crass title but for what I was going to speak of I could not think of a better title. 

     I was little concerned that I probably did not gel well with the audience as I was bringing in alien(or atleast a percieved as one in tech geek community) topic to an audince of geeks who crank code & nothing. Also a  couple of friends suggested that the prez was good but some of the stuff of was OHT(Over Head Transmission). Definitely one thing I realized was that I should have never used the FT analogy for explaining a simple idea that a perspetive(or rather a shift of it) is of such a high importance. Guess I geeked out a little too much there 🙂

      But if what kunal had documented is what I  have got across the table then I think I have done a decent good job of a presentation 🙂 I have uploaded the ppt slides here in the barcamp site.