Barcamp Hyderabad

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

I had ranted earlier about how cool barcamp would be and my not being able to go to Delhi to attend it, since then a few of us here in hyderabad got together and thought of getting a barcamp organized here in hyderabad and voila we have BarcampHyderabad now :D. We originally thought of having it in the third week of march but it has got now finalized to April 8th. It is also great to know that Barcamp Chennai ha got announced and is held on that same day. If it where on some other day I could have thought of hopping in there as well 🙂
I was asked offline by someone as to what is the etymology behind barcamp. Following is what I had gathered on gigaom many months ago when barcamp was getting born.
Tim O Reilly who has built is his vast publishing empire based on geek love hosts (for business reasons) once a year invite only event called FooCamp. Every year Tim would invite some alpha geeks in various technical field and let them talk about their field and provide a common platform for them to interact with each other.

Many felt left out and thought Foocamp it is too restrictive, expensive and discriminative and also it does not let the best ideas emerge. So a bunch of folks started an alternate camp which would be free for all to participate and let the interested collective of people decide what they want the conference to be. Thus they came up with the name Barcamp

BarCamp – Lowering the bar and allowing everyone to participate in the camp.

Barcamp everywhere has largely been made possible through their spread in the blogosphere. One issue that we face is that we do not have a comprehensive list of tech nology bloggers whom can be reached in and around hyderabad. We know there are very many bloggers but not listed at one single place hence we have put up a blogroll to get a list of technology based bloggers.
Here is the barcamp url again – BarcampHyderabad.

Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions
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