Good Set of Resources

If you from a  technical background but want to get a bit of knowledge of the terminologies used in the VC industry and about technology entreprenuership then here is great set of resources.

Lectures on Entrprenuership at IIT Bombay

3 thoughts on “Good Set of Resources

  1. I was going through the PPT on “HR and personnel policies” and this sslide stood out.

    “Strategies for Employee Retention

    Salaries higher than market average
    Career path options: brief stints in the overseas offices
    Productivity-linked bonus
    Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP)”

    Isn’t this wrong ?? As a start-up, I would like to have people who are as passionate about the business I am trying to make, as I am. I mean, if higher pay is required to “retain” such employees, may be I have hored wrong people.

  2. Hi Nilesh,

    You are very right !! If you hire people for higher salary then you are hiring for the wrong reasons. This is very reflected sentiment wide across the industry. It is wrong in the slides.


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