Tech blog network in India

ITVIDYA is blogging network focussed for technology blogs, a first of its kind in India, I met Ajay Sanghani on monday evening at ISB and we had a pretty interesting discussion about the concept of IVIDYA and how it could lead to an immense value generation. It already has very interesting posts and members as a part of it. To describe it in a sentence it is community building collaborative platform/initiative for IT people.These kind of communities/networks are common in US and is really great to see such initiatives starting to happen in India.

One thought on “Tech blog network in India

  1. Dear Rajan,

    It was great to have met you and your friends at IIIT.

    I was browsing through the visitor stats of ITVIDYA.COM and was pleased to note the good incoming traffic from your blog. Thanks a lot for mentioning on your popular blog.

    Ajay Sanghani
    Founder, ITVIDYA.COM

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