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Invention is a flower, innovation is a weed

John Hagel and Seely Brown have an excellent article in Businessweek on the difference between invention and innovation. The article though written for a general reader is more accessible to people with managerial background. But nonetheless the arguments made in the article are quite excellent.The difference between the two is very favourite subject of mine, though me being a technically inclined I am very clearly focussed on the latter. Put simply invention is discovery of new things,creation of new knowledge. Innovation on the other is about economic value creation (exchange value)
The article reminded me of the famous quote made by Bob Metcalfe. “Invention is a flower, innovation is a weed”

a new blog discover

Here is a new blog called startupbangalore that I discovered which might be of interest to those who are planning a startup. Take a look at it, is this the beginning/germination of the startup ecosystem that I keep complaining about.

Btw the folks there found me before I found them.
Guys/als:  I appreciate the mention of my post, a trackback would have been appreciated more 🙂

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