MMOG just got ninged

Virtual worlds as I had previously noted are going to be one of the next big things but building a MMOG is obscenely expensive. Multiverse currently running in its beta aims to reduce that cost by a huge margin.

” You can build your game with whatever revenue model you want–subscription, flat fee, in-game micropayments, whatever works for you. Multiverse handles consumer billing and credit card processing. You don’t have to worry about deadbeat charges or any of the other pitfalls of financial transactions.

Publishers usually only let you keep 8% to 20% of the money your game makes. Multiverse increases that amount to 50% to 70%! We will announce more details about pricing soon.”

The aribitrage here is the high amount of ownership offered to the creator of the game, a typical publisher would be allowing only upto 20% of the rights to the creator and multiverse offering upto 70%.
“Multiverse’s unique technology platform will change the economics of virtual world development by empowering independent game developers to create high-quality, Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs) and non-game virtual worlds for less money and in less time than ever before.”

This certainly is going to be a huge web 2.0 play and it has the potential to scale as bigger than as suggested by Reed’s Law (> 2^n)