Posts with new categories

I will be posting more regularly with more focussed categories starting after a few weeks from now, some of these new categories would be

Economics – never took a course in it but since I took it up to learn it on my own two years ago I have been fascinated by it. Infact when I have time to kill I read up nobel economics lectures
Network Economics – those who come from technology of networks would love this branch of economics very much.
Technology Strategy – I have picked up a lot of stuff and I am learning more of it pretty fast. I will be writing about some of my learning and their applications.  Infact Umair Haque an extremely sharp strategy consultant (esp tech strategy) he notes my fast learning of the subject 🙂 [read the comments too]
Entreprenuership -now that I am walking down this road I will be post musings about entreprenuership in general and my personal experiences & learning of being an entreprenuer in the technology space in India.
Wireless, Mobile Economies & Technolgies – These are topics which I was/am working on since long.
Camera Phones – One of those next big things in coming five years according to me
Web 2.0, Media 2.0 – Some of the wonderful inflection points happening in the tech industry right now.
Computer Vision, Signal Processing(multi Dimensional) & Multimedia – These are my technical interest topics.

3 thoughts on “Posts with new categories

  1. Hi amit,

    You are right It is not apparent from my blog that I am an entreprenuer.I am at a conceptual stage of my venture so I have not blogged about it much. I plan to write about it more soon.


  2. Rajan,

    Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship. As opposed to working for others, which can at best be inspiring, working for yourself is intoxicating.

    I have recently made the switch to entrepreneurship based self employment and am in the process of “reclaiming my life” (borrowing that phrase from the ‘reclaim your inbox’ campaign from the Firefox fanatics)


    amit ranjan

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