Posts with new categories

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

I will be posting more regularly with more focussed categories starting after a few weeks from now, some of these new categories would be

Economics – never took a course in it but since I took it up to learn it on my own two years ago I have been fascinated by it. Infact when I have time to kill I read up nobel economics lectures
Network Economics – those who come from technology of networks would love this branch of economics very much.
Technology Strategy – I have picked up a lot of stuff and I am learning more of it pretty fast. I will be writing about some of my learning and their applications.  Infact Umair Haque an extremely sharp strategy consultant (esp tech strategy) he notes my fast learning of the subject 🙂 [read the comments too]
Entreprenuership -now that I am walking down this road I will be post musings about entreprenuership in general and my personal experiences & learning of being an entreprenuer in the technology space in India.
Wireless, Mobile Economies & Technolgies – These are topics which I was/am working on since long.
Camera Phones – One of those next big things in coming five years according to me
Web 2.0, Media 2.0 – Some of the wonderful inflection points happening in the tech industry right now.
Computer Vision, Signal Processing(multi Dimensional) & Multimedia – These are my technical interest topics.