Time to move

   A good article on web developers moving away from Java . My take is that unless you are one of those who are writing enterprise apps for banks & other big organization you  should already start picking  up Ruby on Rails

         I am liking ruby the best among any scripting language that I have used so far. OO is so simple & excellent in Ruby, you will agree to me if you have tried to do OO in perl 😉

5 thoughts on “Time to move

  1. Hmm !! I never could get around to work in Python I will try it, it is only while doing anything related to CVS I wanted to check it out but then I never got any need for using it specifically. But nonetheless I will try it.

  2. drupal is also good for blogging though its capabilities are not tied to blogging alone. php is the most popular language among bloggers.

  3. Python + frameworks
    I think python is a very good solution with a large amount of frame works resulting from it to ease development. I’m looking at turbogears. Many swear by django for interfaces. twisted for customization. Zope/Zodb for complete CMS frameworks.

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