First rule of first principle thinking, do not use first principle thinking when a mental model is available

Claim to first

         Contentsutra profiles a hyd based company NowPos which claims to have relased the world’s first voicemail service. Karat then casts some doubts about the b-model about it, inserting a 10sec ad into the voicemail.  Is’nt it is so easy to claim to be the “world first” without doing any looking around. Check out slawsome ( a web 2.0 play) by Nivi which was relased a few weeks ago.  

wireless lookout

       Two wireless technologies to watch out for that could be a disruptive play in days to come.  xMax product(it also got /.ed here) and the other one in the Indian space corDECT
released by Midas Communication (backed by the TeNet group at IITM , Prof Ashok Jhunjhunwala a key person behind this is nothing less than of a genius)


  Seemingly simple but very effective idea.  Amazon launched a new service called Mechanical Turk . Basically it is like putting an interface to humans and exposing API’s of the work that they can do.( Modularizing humans work).  And thats why they call it Artificial Artificial Intelligence(AAI). Check out a detailed report on it at techcrunch.

Benkler detailing peer production

    Benkler‘s latest piece , appplication of peer production to eduction materials.”Common Wisdom: Peer Production of Educational Materials” (via SmartMobs)

List of shortcodes

You would find here a list of all shortcodes in the world.

Mobile blogging ?

     Contentsutra reports that Coruscant Tec (a mobile content provider) is planning to release a mobile blogging application.   I don’t understand the b-model behind mobile blogging, how are these companies planning to make money out of it. If they charge for blogging then they can take off well but if they don’t then they won’t make any revenues.  Coruscant’s approach seems to be to offer the application first for free and then later charge for it, I guess it might not work for this kind of application. (Textamerica has never been able to charge for the service)

       In US there is textamerica( more than 2 years old now) which is yet to show up a viable business model. The only way I have known that they have made money is by selling the mobile blogging platform to other countries.

      Btw there was a company which offered mobile blogging that launched a year ago and closed down shortly.( I don’t remember the name exactly I will dig out the name & post it). Mobylog is a mumbai based company which also offers mobile blogging.  I am not sure how this space is attracting many players when the business model equation of any of the company has not yet been worked out.

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