Quantifying Risk

Quantitative Risk analysis. Should be good, if you are into this kind of stuff. I have to  got to read “Fooled By Randomness” first to understand this :), though I must say that  the excerpts of the book were brilliant.



2 thoughts on “Quantifying Risk

  1. ‘Fooled By Randomness’ is an absolutely phenomenal book. It literally changed my whole world view, not just regarding the markets but regarding most things in life. It’s a very philosophical book written with delicious irreverence and deep scholarship. Nassim Taleb is a very intelligent man indeed.
    It’s one of the few books I never lend, though I believe it’s available from either firstandsecond.com or fabmall.

  2. Oh !! I thought it would be more related to finance & question its genesis very deep. I like philosophical books 🙂 , you gave me another reason now to just check it out. Yeah I have heard from many that Taleb is nothing less than a genues. I will check it out at firstandsecond.com but would have to do that some time later because I have couple of unfinished books to complete 🙂

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