Programming vs coding

by Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan (Rajan)

Of late I have been observing a lot of my friends (many who were collegemates) that I know are taking a view of coding to be unsavoury. I find this trend a little disturbing. Maybe we need to distinguish between coding & programming. I could say coding = programming minus all the fun aspects of programming. I was prompted to come at this definition by looking at the way coding ( aka ctrl+C, ctrl=V ) is done in most of the services companies, I guess I maybe wrong and would like to be proven that way.

[ It is really wierd most of the time I keep saying that geeks live in their silos and they need to open up for a better world for everyone but here I am saying that people are not geeky enough ]

I am not an ace programmer as some of my hardcore geeky friends but I find a lot of challenge and satisfaction in programming & I love to do it. Though I talk a lot at the abstract, architectural & strategic level(atleast here in my blog) but building a system( be it hardware or software) end to end excites me a lot and I guess that is what programming is about.