First rule of first principle thinking, do not use first principle thinking when a mental model is available

Communication duality ?

    Information & attention exhibit kind of a duality in an economic sense. There was a time ( ice age according to Information revolution timeline 🙂 ) when information was scarce( relative) & attention was abundant but now the situation is changed upside down because of technological disruption( internet & also contributions by other distribution networks like newspaper, TV , radio etc etc ). Now information is (over) abundant but the relative attention is scarce.[Note the word relative, human attention as such is fixed it is the relative attention given to each blob of information that has reduced greatly]

       Now this is what I meant by duality b/w them.  Smart entreprenuers have arbitraged and build attention allocators , lots of examples de.lic.ous, maemorandum. wondir etc.

       Well anyway this post is not about 🙂 what I am wondering though is what is it that we can call as the dual of communication in simillar sense. well attention is going to be a part of that thing  but that I suspect will not fully complete.

      Communication was scarce since ages ( human messenger, pigeons, telegraph, post, radio, phone etc ) but again with disruptions brought by technology this is changing (more than 1 billion cellphones in the world, tariffs crashing and a charge for a call steadily approaching zero). In a couple of years we will have a situation where communication will be abundant so what is its duality which is going to be scarce then ?  

Tariff may come down – Not sure

     Contentsutra reports ( via Exchangemediia) that broadband tariffs are going down. According to this release of TRAI it is the target of 3 million is that of combined ( total private & PSU’s) with each of the category having a target of 1.5 million each.

    Also as of september 2005 the total number of broadband subscribers is .61 million( 6.1 lakh). That means only 20% of the target has been achieved so far. Covering up the rest of 80 % in the last quarter (which most of the time is the slowest one) to meet the target is going to be humungous task.  I am  not sure how much price cut is going to help meet that target anyway. what is the(dis) incentive  if they do not meet the target. So I really doubt the price drop because if they had some real strong incentive to meet targets the first 3 quarters of 2005 would have not produced such a lack lustre performance.

     I wonder what is TRAI doing about all this.


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