Firefox bugmenot plugin

    Now there is a Firefox plugin for bugmenot. For those who are’nt aware of it is basically simple tool that gives you dummy account info when web sites ask you to complete registration forms.

5 thoughts on “Firefox bugmenot plugin

  1. AFAIK bugmenot is not illegal 🙂 , it makes mandatory registration logins available so that people don’t have to give out their privacy information whenever they have to read an article.

    For instance they don’t have WSJ logins which is paid subscription but have nytimes account because they are free to read but people have to register give their email ids etc so that they can spam you with offers.


  2. AFAIK this was in news because of the article that appeared in NY times, on how to access the sites without registration. The funny thing was the article even poited out that its own site was acessible too using the same plugin.

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