First rule of first principle thinking, do not use first principle thinking when a mental model is available

Understood now

There are things which you know are quite right but it takes a while to know why it is right.

For quite many years I used to tell this quote to many friends & colleagues(I heard from someone/somewhere don’t remember where)

“In this Industry(Technology) it is not important what you know but it is rather whom you know”

It struck me recently why this statement makes sense. Hardware gets commoditized, Software gets commoditized & even information gets commoditized. The only thing that does not get commoditized is relationship.

Overlay networks – hotbed of innovation

            Overlay network are being widely used in various applications, the most popular ones that we know are Skype, Napster, KAzaa, Bittorrent. A cool application that I came across recently is the program called Localhost. It is a program that lets you access a shared, world-wide file system through your web browser. This file system is maintained in a fully decentralized way by all of the computers running Localhost. The program uses BitTorrent technology, and new DHT called Kademlia.

The previous interesting application that I posted about was feedtree which uses an Overlay(p2p) network called Pastry (a P2P network from academia, developed at Rice) & delivers a realtime RSS feed to the nodes.

Economics Analysis of the IIPM vs Indian Blogdom

  Economics Analysis of the IIPM vs Indian Blogdom  by Atanu

 His conclusion is that  macro-wise no effect/changes at all happened. ( I don’t
know basic economics – never took a course :(, how I wish I had taken one.  But reading this what came to my mind immediately is a comment made on macro-economics by someone – the beauty of macro is that it is so easy to take any/whatever stance in a macro framework and still give justification to it logically).

  Atanu‘s test is that of a very interesting one though. How many days since the fiasco will the mainstream media publish it. 5 , 10 , 15 days or they would never publish at all.  What do you think ?

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